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UGI Utilities will soon connect Tunkhannock Borough customers to natural gas for the first time.

Last week, UGI introduced gas into the pipeline that Linde Corp installed beneath the borough as part of the GET Gas program’s first phase.

Phase one included Harrison Street and Sunnyside Road, with a gate station north of Shadowbrook Resort.

The purging phase came after the introduction, which ensures that the lines have no non-natural gas in them.

A normal part of the purging process involves flaring off gas.

UGI Business Development Director Don Brominski said UGI has not received reports from residents of natural gas odor or any other concerns since the introduction.

“We’re doing routine checks just to make sure everything is running well. We drive over our line with sensing equipment to make sure everything is operating,” Brominski said.

Once UGI gathers its signed agreements with customers, the company plans to come out to the borough to hook up residents and businesses who have signed up, doing several in one stop.

Restoration of streets cut into so far for the pipeline project has also begun.

A $ 1 million grant that the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce received from the Commonwealth Financing Authority in March will fund the next phase of the project, which would install pipeline in additional portions of Tunkhannock Borough.

“We’re hoping to start phase two before this winter,” Brominski said. “Once we start, we’ll get as much as we can done before the weather hits, and then finish in the spring.”

Residents and businesses who have not already made arrangements to hook up to natural gas with UGI can contact Carmen Attanasio at 570-830-1256 for information.

With discussions of bringing natural gas to Tunkhannock going back as far as 2012, Brominski said it was a long road and that a group effort made the project possible.

This includes efforts from the Wyoming County Commissioners, the Chamber of Commerce, the state government and partners such as Williams and Cabot Oil & Gas.

“If everyone didn’t pitch in, we wouldn’t be here,” he said. “It was just a lot of people with a common goal that helped to make it happen. We’re really happy with where we are now.”