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Photo: N/A, License: N/A

STAFF PHOTO/ED KING Tunkhannock Area’s Peter Sayre took first in both the 110 and 300 hurdles.

Photo: N/A, License: N/A

At Tunkhannock, the Tigers posted dominant wins over GAR in both boys and girls competition on Monday.

It is the last time the Tigers will face GAR, as the Grenadiers will merge with Coughlin and Meyers to form the Wilkes Barre Wolfpack this upcoming school year.

Peter Sayre claimed both hurdles events, while Erik Bennett won the long jump and triple jump. On the girls side, Rebecca Avery won the discus and shot put and Tunkhannock swept the relays.


Tunk. 111, GAR 38

4x800 Relay: 1-Tunkhannock (Braiden Jerome, Jacob Lance, Evan Cole, AJ Hodge) 12:10. 110 Hurdles: 1-Peter Sayre (T) 16.5; 2-Rubens Glaude (G); 3-AJ Hodge (T). Triple Jump: 1-Erik Bennett (T) 41-4; 2-Peter Genao (G); 3-Rubens Glaude (G). 100: 1-Starmel Haskins (G) 11.2; 2-Gavin D’Amato (T); 3- Tyrese Konen (T). 1600: 1-Myers (T) 4:47; 2-Peter Sayre (T); 3-Leighf Brown (T). Shot Put: 1-Alec Seboe (T) 36; 2-Brooks (G); 3-Beltran (G). 4x100 Relay: 1-Tunkhannock (Gavin D’Amato, Garrett Hopkins, Tyrese Konen, Erik Bennett) 45.9. 400: 1-Issac Clark (T) 56.3; 2-Smith (G); 3-Tyrese Konen (T). 300 Hurdles: 1-Peter Sayre (T) 45.5; 2-Ryan Harder (T); 3-Zack Ross (T). Pole Vault: 1-Dalton Yeust (T) 13-6; 2-AJ Hodge (T); 3-Evan Cole (T). Discus: 1-Beltran (G) 90-7; 2-White (G); 3-Tyler Peterson (T). Long Jump: 1-Erik Bennett (T) 19-8.25; 2-Smith (G). 800: 1-Nate Myers (T) 2:18; 2-Braiden Jerome (T); 3-Jacob Lance (T). 200: 1-Gavin D’Amato (T) 23.6; 2- Smith (G); 3-Tyrese Konen (T). 3200: 1-Leighf Brown (T) 13:02; 2-Marcus Hernandez (T). Javelin: 1-Matt Prebola (T) 182; 2-Jack Chilson (T); 3-Ryan Harder (T). 4x400 Relay: 1-Tunkhannock (Nate Myers, Peter Sayre, Tyrese Konen, Isaac Clark) 3:56. High Jump: 1-Smith (G) 6-0; 2-Logan Helsel (T); 3-AJ Hodge (T).


Tunk. 102, GAR 46

4x800 Relay: 1-Tunkhannock (Madelyn Franko, Elizabeth DeMarco, Madison Nester, Kaya Sabbatini) 14:08. 100 Hurdles: 1-Haillee Jennings (T) 17.9; 2-Madelyn Franko (T); 3- Kailyn Smith (T). Triple Jump: 1-Hannah Cook (G) 31-5.5; 2-Bowell (G); 3-Emma Mock (T). 100: 1-Jessica Cervenak (T) 12.6; 2-Kaiya Coleman (G); 3-Vanessa Luna (G). 1600: 1-Camryn Rogers (T) 6:05; 2-Marina Welles (T); 3-Jillian Landon (T). Shot Put: 1-Rebecca Avery (T) 34-9; 2-Holmes (T); 3-Regan Kenia (T). 4x100 Relay: 1-Tunkhannock (Madison Driscole, Kassidy Shirtz, Kaiilyn Smith, Jessica Cervenak) 53.5. 400: 1-Adriana Gentle (T) 72.7; 2-Elizabeth DeMarco (T); 3-Amber Crawford (T). 300 Hurdles: 1-Danasiya Moore (G) 52.5; 2-Haillee Jennings (T); 3-Madelyn Franko (T). Pole Vault: 1-Smith (T) 7-6; 2-Hailey Long (T). Discus: 1-Rebecca Avery (T) 100-5; 2-Maddy West (T); 3-Savage (G). Long Jump: 1-Vanessa Luna (G) 15-1; 2-Hannah Cook (G); 3-Danasiya Moore (G). 800: 1.-Mikayla Zabrowski (G) 2:37; 2-Anna Brown (T); 3-Camryn Rogers (T). 200: 1-Kaiya Coleman (G) 26.8; 2-Jessica Cervenak (T); 3-Madison Driscole (T). 3200: 1-Jillian Landon (T) 14:36; 2-Madelyn Franko (T). Javelin: 1-Kassidy Shirtz (T) 98-1; 2-Savage (G); 3-Maddy West (T). 4x400 Relay: 1. Tunkhannock (Haillee Jennings, Jessica Cervenak, Kailyn Smith, Camryn Rogers) 4:37. High Jump: 1. Smith (T) 5-0; 2. Holden (G); 3. Hailey Long (T).