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Tunkhannock’s Alexis Hutchins swims the backstroke leg in the individual medley in which she finished fourth.

Photo: N/A, License: N/A

Elk Lake’s Lizzy Lyden swims the 200 freestyle.

Tunkhannock Area and Elk Lake competed in the Second Annual Ernie Shartle Swim Invitational held at Tunkhannock over the weekend.

On the boys side, the Tigers finished fourth with a gold medal performance by Davis Tidball in the 200 free and a bronze performance in the 100 free. He teamed up with Dylan Mislevy, Julien Madus and Dyllan Henning in a silver performance in the 400 free relay and a bronze performance in the medley relay. Henning also finished third in the 100 breast and fourth in the 50 free. Mislevy took fourth in the 100 fly.

The Warrior boys finished eighth with top performances coming from Kale Decker who took bronze in the 200 free, and fourth in the 500 free. He also teamed up with Kevin Noldy, Noah Staff and Mario Mollo to take fourth in the 200 free relay.

On the girls side, Tunkhannock finished fourth overall. Camryn Rogers had a silver in the 100 free, and a bronze in the 50 free. Rogers also teamed up with Taylor Lynn, Sage Brown and Alexis Hutchins to take a silver in the 200 free relay, and a team of Brown, Taylor, Rogers and Erin Weaver took second in the 400 free relay. The Lady Tigers took fourth in the medley relay with the team of Haylee Docolavich, Hutchins, Erin Weaver and Emily Weaver. Fourth place finishes were grabbed by Lynn in the 100 free, Hutchins in the 200 individual medley, and Erin Weaver in the 100 fly.

The Lady Warriors finished ninth overall with the girls’ best performance coming from a seventh place finish in the 200 free relay by the team of Georgia Smith, Reese Warriner, Lizzy Lyden and Megan Bosscher.


Aidan Drouse of Scranton High School won the 200-yard individual medley in a pool record and school record time of 2 minutes, 0.77 seconds.

Abington Heights senior Carter Smith established a pool record with a diving score Friday night of 450.0 to win the gold.


Hazleton Area (HA) won the title with 348.5 points; followed by 2-Delaware Valley (DV), at 343; 3-Scranton (SC), 278; 4-Tunkhannock Area (TU), 2658; 5-Abington Heights (AH), 182; 6-Wyoming Sem (WS), 164; 7-Greater Nanticoke (GN), 114; 8-Elk Lake (EL), 113; 9-Towanda (TO), 79.5; 10-Lake-Lehman (LL), 71; 11-Athens Area (AA), 57; 12-Lakeland (LA), 52; and 13-Valley View (VV), 44.

200 Medley Relay: 1-Scranton (Mundia, Nick Drouse, Aidan Drouse, Ardan), 1:41.22; 2-Hazleton Area (Goulstone, Pollock, Flowers, DaGrosa), 1:46.03; 3-Tunkhannock Area (Tidball, Henning, Mislevy, Madus), 1:46.20; 10-Tunkhannock Area (Wagner, Repsher, Hodge, Astegher), 2:05.68; 17-Tunkhannock Area (Brad Keeler, Snay, LaChase, Jacob Keeler), 2:34.57.

200 Free: 1-Davis Tidball (TU), 1:55.65; 2-Antonio Daiute (HA), 1:55.85; 3-Kale Decker (EL), 2:10.55; 8-Julien Madus (TU), 2:08.64; 10-Jordan Wagner (TU), 2:14.41; 13-Zach Grosvenor (EL), 2:17.55; 14-Noah Staff (EL), 2:18.10; 20-Jacob Keeler (TU), 2:46.66.

200 Individual Medley: 1-Aidan Drouse (SC), 2:00.77; 2-Anthony Goulstone (HA), 2:01.28; 3-Ryan Kovalick (HA), 2:14.32; 6-Lane Repsher (TU), 2:37.60; 8-Eric Powell (TU), 3:46.34.

50 Free: 1-Nick Drouse (SC), 22:28; 2-Nansen Wang (WS), 23.32; 3-Jason Ardan (SC), 23:45; 4-Dyllan Henning (TU), 23.54; 18-Mario Mollo (EL), 25.64; 24-Mike Astegher (TU), 26.56; 43-Devon Anderson (TU), 30.38; 51-Nico LaChase (TU), 33.60; 57-Ayush Patel (TU), 38.75.

100 Butterfly: 1-Paul Flowers (HA), 55.73; 2-Damian Baranowski (DV), 57:07; 3-Peter Kawash (LA), 57.33; 4-Dylan Mislevy (TU), 58.21; 15-AJ Hodge (TU), 1:08.88; 20-Noah Staff (EL), 1:14.53.

100 Free: 1-Aidan Drouse (SC), 47.51; 2-Damian Baranowski (DV), 50:26; 3-Dyllan Henning (TU), 51.58; 12-Mario Mollo (EL), 56.43; 13-Kevin Noldy (EL), 58.30; 15-Lane Repsher (TU), 59:40; 17-Zach Grosvenor (EL), 1:00.56; 23-Mike Astegher (TU), 1:02.23; 34-Zach Shields (EL), 1:05.48; 51-Ayush Patel (TU), 1:37.15.

500 Free: 1- Ryan Kovalick (HA), 5:03.91; 2-Antonio Daiute (HA), 5:14.71; 3-Nathan Tindell (WS), 5:18.35; 4-Kale Decker (EL), 5:33.39; 12-BradKeeler (TU), 6:58.57.

200 Free Relay: 1-Scranton (Nick Drouse, Mundia, Ardan, Aidan Drouse), 1:30.00; 2-Delaware Valley, 1:35.76; 3-Hazleton (DaGrosa, Daiute, Pollock, Kovalick), 1:39.91; 4-Elk Lake (Noldy, Staff, Mollo, Decker), 1:42.54; 10-Tunkhannock (Asteggher, Jodge, Wagner, Repsher), 1:50.50; 17-Tunkhannock (Powell, Patel, LaChase, Anderson), 2:31.66.

100 Backstroke: 1-Anthony Goulstone (HA), 55.70; 2-Peter Kawash (LA), 56.10; 3-Logan Kuhar (LL), 59.39; 5-Dylan Mislevy (TU), 1:01.71; 11-Julien Madus (TU), 1:05.89; 13-Kevin Noldy (EL), 1:06.66; 16-Jordan Wagner (TU), 1:09.87; 24-Jacob Keeler (TU), 1:21.33; 27-Brad Keeler (TU), 1:22.19; 31-Devon Anderson (TU), 1:35.05.

100 Breaststroke: 1-Nick Drouse (SC), 1:00.85; 2-Paul Flowers (HA), 1:02.56; 3-Dyllan Henning (TU), 1:05.44; 12-AJ Hodge (TU), 1:17.25; 27-Zack Shields (EL), 1:28.66; 29-Hunter Snay (TU), 1:29.66; 32-Eric Powell (TU), 1:58.75.

400 Free Relay: 1-Hazleton (Flowers, Daiute, Kovalick, Goulstone), 3:30.48; 2-Tunkhannock (Mislevy, Madus, Henning, Tidball), 3:38.94; 3-Elk Lake (Decker, Noldy, Staff, Mollo), 3:50.49; 11-Tunkhannock (Brad Keeler, Jacob Keeler, Snay, Anderson), 4:50.12.


Wyoming Seminary (WS) won the girls’ title with 428 points; followed by 2-Hazleton Area (HA), 409; 3-Delaware Valley (DV), 286; 4-Tunkhannock Area (TU), 258; 5-Valley View (VV), 142; 6-Athens Area (AA), 129; 7-Abington Heights (AH), 110; 8-Greater Nanticoke (GN), 88; 9-Elk Lake (EL), 83; 10-Towanda(TO); 11-Scranton (SC), 70; 12-Lakeland (LA), 20; 13-Lake-Lehman (LL), 17.

200 Medley Relay: 1-Wyoming Sem (Dahlgren, Federici, Kolbicka, Roerig), 1:50.40; 2-Hazleton Area (O’Hara, Hunsinger, Reed, Sanko), 2:04.59; 3-Delaware Valley, 2:05.71; 4-Tunkhannock Area (Docolavich, Hutchins, Erin Weaver, Emily Weaver), 2:07.07; 10-Elk Lake (Smith, Warriner, Bosscher, Lyden), 2:18.60.

200 Free: 1-Alvah Dalgren (WS), 2:00.55; 2-Paige Jackett (WS), 2:07.35; 3-Erica Locke (TO), 2:10.09; 10-Lizzy Lyden (EL), 2:22.59; 20-Claire Wood (EL), 2:45.55; 23-Cadence Degregory (EL), 3:02.33.

200 Individual Medley: 1-Saskia Papsova (WS), 2:16.58; 2-Nicole Chiricos (VV), 2:26.53; 3-Alissa Platukis (HA), 2:36.57; 4-Alexis Hutchins (TU), 2:37.38.

50 Free: 1-Kylee Kolbica (WS), 24:33; 2-Skylar Roerig (WS), 24:51; 3-Camryn Rogers (TU), 25:30; 6-Taylor Lynn (TU), 27.22; 10-Sage Brown (TU), 27.70; 11-Emily Weaver (TU), 27.78; 17-Reese Warriner (EL), 28.58; 26-Haylee Docalavich (TU), 30.08; 41-Ashley Roberts (TU), 33.48; 45-Elizabeth Chidester (EL), 34.68; 51-Cassidy Hardy (TU), 36.37; 52-Alissa Dovin (EL), 36.48; 58-Zoe Deckle (EL), 43.83.

100 Butterfly: 1-Kylee Kolbica (WS), 59.82; 2-Saskia Papsova (WS), 1:03.39; 3- Madi Federici (WS), 105:00; 4-Erin Weaver (TU), 1:07.04; 11-Emily Weaver (TU), 1:12.28; 14-Sage Brown (TU), 1:14.20; 20-Megan Bosscher (EL), 1:18.86; 25-Melody Traver (TU), 1:28.00.

100 Free: 1-Skylar Roerig (WS), 52.46; 2-Camryn Rogers (TU), 55.37; 3-Noam Wasik (WS), 56.43; 4-Taylor Lynn (TU), 59.14; 9-Reese Warriner (EL), 1:03.02; 12-Lizzy Lyden (EL), 1:04.41; 24-Georgia Smith (EL), 1:08.52; 25-Sam Hunsinger (EL), 1:08.58; 35- Claire Wood (EL), 1:14.03; 45-Cadence Degregory (EL), 1:20.92; 46-Elizabeth Chidester (EL), 1:21.21; 49-Emmaleigh Buffington (EL) 1:28.79.

500 Free: 1-Alvah Dahlgren (WS), 5:28.57; 2- Paige Jackett (WS), 5:39.20; 3-Erica Locke (TO), 5:50.02; 15-Allissa Dovin (EL), 7:45.38; 17-Ashley Roberts (TU), 8:00.83.

200 Free Relay: 1-Wyoming Sem (Wasik, Papsova, Federici, Jackett), 1:44.48; 2-Tunkhannock (Lynn, Brown, Hutchins, Rogers), 1:48.73; 3-Hazleton (Lloyd, Hunsinger, Sanko, Goulstone), 1:51.73; 7-Elk Lake (Smith, Warriner, Lyden, Bosscher), 1:58.60; 15-Elk Lake (Hunsinger, Degregory, Chidester, Wood), 2:17.54; 16-Tunkhannock (Traver, Hardy, Roberts, Snay), 2:20.85.

100 Backstroke: 1-Marina O’Hara (HA), 1:07.00; 2-Julia Weinreb (DV), 1:09.82; 3-Madison O’Donnell (LA), 1:11.83; 12-Cassidy Hardy (TU), 1:21.47; 13-Georgia Smith (EL), 1:22.67; 16-Melody Traver (TU), 1:28.18; 17-Sam Hunsinger (EL), 1:28.47; 19-Jonica Snay (TU), 1:29.37; 23-Emmaleigh Buffington (EL), 1:37.57.

100 Breaststroke: 1-Madi Federici (WS), 1:09.30; 2-Nicole Chiricos (VV), 1:13.47; 3-Abby Brocki (AH), 1:15.08; 7-Alexis Hutchins (TU), 1:18.77; 12-Erin Weaver (TU), 1:23.37; 24-Megan Bosscher (EL), 1:31.76.

400 Free Relay: 1-Wyoming Seminary (Kolbica, Wasik, Dahlgren, Roerig), 3:39.66; 2-Tunkhannock (Brown, Lynn, Erin Weaver, Rogers), 4:02.69; 8-Tunkhannock (Emily Weaver,

Snay, Traver, Docalavich), 4:47.35; 10-Elk Lake (Hunsinger, Degregory, Chidester, Wood), 5:12.57.