The Tunkhannock Tigers cross country teams both went 1-2 on the week in a race against Crestwood, MMI Prep, Hazleton Area, and host Lake-Lehman.

For the boys, Nate Myers was the first Tiger to cross the line, in sixth place. Tavian McKenna of Wyoming Valley West finished first overall.

Molly Demarzo of Crestwood was first for the girls, and Anna Brown was the first Lady Tiger.

Both Tigers teams are carrying a 6-4 record into today’s race at Wyoming Valley West.

Boys Crestwood 21, Tunk. 35 Tunk. 20, MMI Prep 41 Hazleton 21, Tunk. 40

1. Tavian McKenna (VW) 16:26 on 3.1-mile course at Lake-Lehman; 2.Chandler Longstreet (LL) 16:45; 3. Nick Hockenbury (LL) 16:54; 4. Zach Keiner (H) 17:07; 5. Nick Hebel (H) 17:14; 6. Nate Myers (T) 17:22; 15. Brendan Yatsko (T) 18:27; 27. Will Lupinski (T) 19:36; 33. Joel Evans (T) 20:23; 38. Nathan Schaeffer (T) 20:49; 39. Cole Stauffer (T) 21:03; 45. Evan Cole (T) 21:49; 48. Kaleb Gruver (T) 22:02; 52. Evan Talcott (T) 22:11; 52. Aiden Edwards (T) 22:25; 53. Eric Falzone (T) 22:41; 55. Seth Jacob (T) 23:22; 59. Kaden Gaudet (T) 23:49; 66. Chris Kovalchuk (T) 25:50; 70. Riley Clark (T) 27:18.

Girls Crestwood 15, Tunk. 50 Tunk. 20, MMI Prep 37


20, Tunk. 33

1. Molly Demarzo (C) 19:51 on 3.1-mile course at Lake-Lehman; 2. Julia Johnson (C) 20:45; 3. Jaden Weiss (C) 20:48; 4. Maggie Kozich (C) 21:06; 5. Regina Pirolli (C) 21:17; 11. Anna Brown (T) 23:58; 13. Camryn Rogers (T) 24:19; 20. Hannah Aitken (T) 25:20; 21. Ana Jerome (T) 25:21; 22. Janessa Mock (T) 25:24; 32. Sam Roerig (T) 33:57.

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