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Tunkhannock Area Wrestling picked up the program’s 600th dual win on Saturday at the Case-Flynn Duals at Pottsville High School against Wyoming Valley West. The Tigers beat the Spartans 48-30 in their fourth match of the day to hit the mark.

Tigers iconic wrestling coach, Frank Wadas, said, “It is tremendous that this program has reached another milestone. This is a great achievement for every wrestler ever involved with our team.”

Wadas coached the Tigers to 329 of those wins.

The Tigers finished Saturday 3-2, with wins over Kutztown Area (66-6), Shippensburg (42-22) and Valley West. The team lost close matches to Emmaus (39-34) and host Pottsville (37-33).

David Evans, Gavin D’Amato, and Luke Carpenter all turned in a 5-0 day, with D’Amato’s wins all via pin. Nick Marabell was undefeated in all four of his matches.

Carpenter was unable to compete at Pottsville last season.

He reflected, “Being able to go from a rough start of the year last year, to having a good start this year, felt good. It gave me confidence to go into our season and hopefully I can keep improving and getting better to continue this through the year.”

Confidence is what coach Gary Siegel is expecting from his Tigers, and he saw growth this weekend.

“This was better than I expected,” said Siegel. “The two matches we lost, were lost in the last bout, and we gave up 12 points in each to forfeits.”

Owen Woods (4-1), Alex Pierce (4-1), and Jhamal Zacharius (3-1) all contributed to the Tigers winning day.

Emmaus 39, Tunk. 34

132: David Evans (T) over Nick Velde (E), major decision 14-5. 138: Kordell Waiters (E) over Ethan Munley (T) tech. fall 17-2 5:04. 145: Gavin D`Amato (T) pinned Quin Scott (E) 2:45. 152: Alexzandre Pierce (T) over Jake Gross (E), by decision 13-6. 160: Luke Carpenter (T) pinned Drew Schmidt (E) 3:42. 170: Nicholos Ruggiero (E) over Sean Meder (T), major decision 13-3. 182: Jared Groller (E) pinned Hunter Gregory (T) 0:25. 195: Caden Wright (E) pinned Jeffrey Meader (T) 1:20. 220: Nick Marabell (T) pinned Trevor Gitski (E) 2:50. 285: Jhamal Zacharias (T) pinned James Santichen (E) 0:51. 106: Marco Albanese (E) win by forfeit. 113: Owen Woods (T) over Geovanni Lainez (E) by decision 4-3. 120: Robert Machado (E) pinned Matthew Morone (T) 1:44. 126: Evan Camire (E) win by forfeit.

Tunk. 66, Kutztown 6

113: Owen Woods (T) pinned Cody Asplundh (K) 1:47. 120: Matthew Morone (T) pinned Izaiah Horn (K) 0:52. 132: David Evans (T) pinned Trenton Delp (K) 0:53. 138: Ethan Munley (T) pinned Dominic Talafous (K) 1:51. 145: Gavin D`Amato (T) pinned Mackenzie Blatt (K) 0:43. 152: Alexzandre Pierce (T) pinned Luke Pursel (K) 0:54. 160: Luke Carpenter (T) pinned Dominic Pizzelanti (K) 0:32. 170: Hunter Gregory (T) pinned Jason Hefner (K) 3:18. 182: Sean Meder (T) pinned Joseph Rice (K) 3:35. 195: Jaden Kozlowski (T) pinned Cody Miller (K) 3:00. 220: Frankie Scranta (T) pinned Michael Raudenbush (K) 2:48. 285: Matthew Hill (K) pinned Brett Sickler (T) 1:55.

Pottsville 37, Tunk. 33

106: Connor Demcher (P) win by forfeit. 113: Owen Woods (T) pinned Dalton Monger (P) 5:30. 120: Sam Sterns (P) pinned Matthew Morone (T) 5:10. 126: Matt Ross (P) win by forfeit. 132: Wiley Kahler (P) pinned Matt Rosentel (T) 4:13. 138: David Evans (T) over Cal Schoffstall (P) by decision, 5-1. 145: Bryce Gonzalez (P) over Ethan Munley (T) major decision, 12-1. 152: Gavin D`Amato (T) pinned Charlie Schuster (P) 0:21. 160: Alexzandre Pierce (T) over Nick Buchanan (P) decision, 3-1. 170: Luke Carpenter (T) over Dylan Shirey (P) decision, 3-0. 182: Shane Quick (P) pinned Sean Meder (T) 1:58. 195: Jeffrey Meader (T) pinned Jacob Mull (P) 0:44. 220: Nick Marabell (T) pinned Mark Ritschel (P) 0:25. 285: RJ Quinn (P) over Jhamal Zacharias (T) decision, 4-2.

Tunk. 48, WVW 30

126: JJ White (W) pinned Matthew Morone (T) 2:34. 132: David Evans (T) pinned Zander Remakus (W) 0:48. 138: Ethan Munley (T) pinned Robert Napersky (W) 0:48. 145: Gavin D`Amato (T) pinned Joe Rivas (W) 2:25. 152: Alexzandre Pierce (T) pinned Lucas Geiger (W) 0:30. 160: Luke Carpenter (T) pinned Ethan Scott (W) 3:22. 170: Jason Pearson (W) pinned Sean Meder (T) 1:09. 182: Jaden Swainbank (W) pinned Hunter Gregory (T) 0:55. 195: Jeffrey Meader (T) pinned Luis Rivera (W) 1:53. 220: Nick Marabell (T) pinned Abdul Azahrani (W) 0:11. 285: Jhamal Zacharias (T) pinned Angel Meza-Dominguez (W) 1:26. 106: Dorian Hoffman (W) win by forfeit. 120: Cadden Kucek (W) pinned Owen Woods (T) 0:53.

Tunk. 42, Ship. 22

120: Owen Woods (T) pinned Kobe Shauf (S) 1:08. 126: Matthew Morone (T) pinned Nathan Beam (S) 2:36. 132: David Evans (T) over Dylan Ramsey (S) by decision 2-0. 138: Dominic Frontino (S) over Ethan Munley (T) by decision, 8-1. 145: Gavin D`Amato (T) pinned Alex Holderbaum (S) 1:22. 152: Kohl Holderbaum (S) over Alexzandre Pierce (T) by decision, 9-8. 160: Luke Carpenter (T) over Avian Vazquez (S) by decision, 6-0. 170: Diesel Koser (S) over Sean Meder (T) major decision, 12-1. 182: Aiden Reed (S) pinned Hunter Gregory (T) 0:38. 195: Jeffrey Meader (T) pinned Richard Morris (S) 0:12. 220:

Nick Marabell (T) pinned Colton Musser (S) 1:44. 285: Jhamal Zacharias (T) pinned Michael Smith (S) 0:48.106:
Tristyn Keefer (S) win
by forfeit.