Two weeks ago, the Tunkhannock girls soccer team faced Wyoming Seminary in Kingston, and came away without a final outcome.

The game was misreported as being completed, and ending in a tie.

“This game is not a tie. It is not anything at this moment,” said assistant coach Keith Brosious after the game in question.

Brosious recalled, “The incident in question took place in the closing 30 seconds of the game with the game tied 1-1. Wyoming Seminary had recovered the ball and was bringing it up the sideline nearest the coaches. A Tunkhannock player was in pursuit. We did not clearly see, from our position up field, what happened next.”

“However, a Seminary player went down and our girl sort of cartwheeled over her to avoid contact. The whistle did not blow and play continued until a Tunkhannock player cleared the ball out to the side,” Brosious wrote on his Facebook page. “Unfortunately, the Seminary player did not get up. At that point, the official blew the whistle and stopped the clock with 0:03 seconds left. The Seminary coach came out on the field and was very upset with the call, or lack of a call. We were not aware that there was a call made. Nevertheless, the Seminary coach received a yellow card.”

The Blue Knights player involved in the play was down on the field and was being treated by the team trainer. Tunkhannock kept its team on the field and after several minutes, brought them over near the bench area, remaining on the field, for water and to give them sweatshirts and blankets to keep them warm.

“We waited there for at least 10-15 minutes until an ambulance came onto the field to transport the injured player to the hospital,” said Brosious. “We were not aware of the extent of her injuries at the time. It turns out she had a dislocated hip. No one has talked to us since the incident happened.”

He added, “At the point when she was being loaded into the ambulance, we witnessed the Seminary team next to us packing up their bags and beginning to walk across the field. Our head coach, Nolan Robinson, walked out to midfield where the officials were standing to inquire as to what was happening and if the game was over. The one official stated that the other team does not want to continue and stated that the officials would be filing an extensive report with PIAA including all the details of the Seminary coach’s reaction towards the officials.”

“We told our girls to get packed up. We left the field and returned to Tunkhannock. We had no idea what just happened and no idea what the result was,” said the coach.

After a few days, an investigation of the event was done by the Wyoming Valley Conference. “We don’t really know what they concluded. But, the end result was that we won the game by forfeit. We are guessing that the result stemmed from them walking off the field with time left on the clock,” said Brosious.

Tunkhannock Area athletic director Kenny Janiszewski said, “Coach Robinson contacted me in regards to what happened at the game on October 12th and a report was sent to the Wyoming Valley Conference soccer league explaining the situation.”

He added, “The conference soccer league and District 2 made the decision that the game was ruled a forfeit against Wyoming Seminary.”

Brosious later said, “The Wyoming Valley Conference contacted Kenny on Wednesday (Oct. 21) and told him that they were investigating the incident at the end of the game. Each team had to submit a report of the incident by Friday afternoon.”

Janiszewski spoke with head coach Nolan Robinson, relaying that once the WVC makes a decision, the coaches could appeal it if it is not acceptable to Tunkhannock.

“Since we were in contention for a playoff spot, we planned to look very carefully at the result,” said Brosious.

The Lady Tigers were awarded the win in the Wyoming Seminary game.

Though Brosious did not have any details of the decision, the standings and records on the PIAA Division II website were changed to reflect the ruling.

Tunkhannock finished ninth in district 2 Class 3A with a power ranking of 0.325. Pittston was eighth, capturing the final playoff spot, with a power ranking of 0.381.

“We finished 11th last year, and will miss the playoffs by just a few hundredths of a point this year. But, we are really pleased with how far we have come,” he said.

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