Lackawanna Trail kept it close in the boys cross country race on Tuesday in Montrose, but didn’t have the numbers in the girls competition.

Brayden Clarke was first overall for Trail. Montrose’s Nate Sinkovich finished second and Gabe Wilber was third to lead the Meteors to a 22-31 win over the Lions in Division II.

The Lady Meteors swept the top five spots to post a 15-47 win over Trail. Paige Brewer was first overall for Montrose, Daegan Giannone was second and Stephanie Summerville was third. Mikayla Measley was sixth for Lackawanna Trail.

The Lions hosted the Sabers of Susquehanna last night.

Boys Montrose 22, Trail 31

1. Brayden Clarke (LT) 17:37, 2. Nate Sinkovich (M) 17:43, 3. Gabe Wilber (M) 17:50, 4. James Bixby (M) 18:43, 5. Michael Measley (LT) 18:47, 6.Deegan Ross (LT) 19:14, 10. William Filan (LT) 20:08, 11. Ethan Lee (LT) 20:49, 13. Cole Henry (LT) 21:21, 14. Beau Ware (LT) 21:29, 16. JJ Sharpe (LT) 21:49, 19. Max Bluhm (LT) 22:10, 20. Kyle Petrilak (LT) 22:41, 21. Mason Zajac (LT) 23:34, 22. Seth Ross (LT) 23:36, 23. Ryan Semon (LT) 23:47, 26. Bill Edwards (LT) 33:05.

Jr. High top finisher: Jack Russell (M) 11:35.

Girls Montrose 15, Trail 47

1. Paige Brewer (M) 20:22, 2. Daegan Giannone (M) 20:51, 3. Stephanie Summerville (M) 21:59, 4. Elizabeth Chidester (M) 22:24, 5. Annika Bixby (M) 22:25, 6. Mikayla Measley (LT) 23:48, 7. Mary Pichette (M) 24:54, 8. Maria Wetzel (LT) 25:34, 9. Margaret Nebzydowski (M) 26:00, 10. Kelley Warner (M) 29:37, 11. Amaryllis Theil (LT) 35:15.

Jr. High top finisher: Avery Kerr (M) 10:42.

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