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Slippery field conditions at Carbondale Saturday yielded three wins for the Lackawanna Trail junior Lions.

D Team Notes

Trail 24, Chargers 6

In the first quarter, carries by Daniel Jones and Troi Barber lead to a 15-yard touchdown run by Jones. A pair of sacks by Jayden Scarfo sent Carbondale backwards. Jones would take it 18 yards for his second touchdown.

Barber’s fumble recovery sent him 22 yards for his own touchdown. He recovered another fumble, and Jones ran it for a 25-yard touchdown. Tackles by Cooper Castellano and a pair of fumble recoveries by James Bartholomew, ended the half.

Runs by Andrew Aten, along with tackles by Aten and Scarfo filled the second half. Trails tenacious defense dominated. Carbondale scored with a minute left.

C Team Notes

Trail 13, Chargers 0

Trail opened up with tackles by Lamont Funches, Grady June and Colin Owens. Sean Dwyer pushed the ball down the field. Aaron Remick’s defensive plays and Blake’s Slater’s sack ended the first-quarter. Cooper Patterson’s hard hits, a second sack by Slater, with tackles by Karver Lewis and Remick left two minutes to go in the half. “Carbondale barely gained any yards in the first half,” said fullback Grady June.

Then a turnover on downs lead to a 40-yard touchdown run by Slater with June getting the conversion.

Dominating tackles by Owens, Lewis, and Remick filled the second half. Runs by Dwyer, Slater and June set up a touchdown by June on fourth and goal from the five where he would hurdle it in. A tackle by Kaylix Douglas and a 10-yard run by Cooper Castellano would end the game 13 to 0 Trail.

B Team Notes

Trail 31, Chargers 6

Carbondale opened the scoring with three minutes left in the first quarter, but the Lions stopped their extra point attempt. Drives by Hunter Patterson and Lucas Gumble sent Gumble on an 80-yard touchdown run.

The Chargers fumbled early on in their drive and Stephen Jervis recovered the fumble. A 10-yard run by Demetrius, then drives by Gumble, Patterson, and Douglas again, got Trail inside the 5-yard line. Patterson punched in the score.

Tackles by Paul Litwin and Cole Schirg broke up a screen pass, while Logan Edwards recovered a foiled punt by the Chargers, putting the Lions in prime field position. Gumble scored on a 25-yard scamper as time expired in the half.

The lions entered the locker room with an 18-6 advantage.

Gumble started the second half with a 70-yard run and was tackled inside the one yard line. Patterson powered in the touchdown.

It was an all around defensive effort by the Lions, including a tackle by Max Kimmel and Brandon Kalinoski that broke up a pass. Schirg and Litwin both had tackles in the back field. The Lions forced the fumble and Patterson recovered the ball.

The Lions offense got rolling again with a run by Kyle Scarfo and then a 70-yard touchdown run by Wyatt Laytos. Kalinoski punched in the extra point to secure the win.