Runners from Elk Lake lead a pack early in the start of the girls’ Division 2 race at the Lackawanna League Junior High Cross Country Championships.

The Lackawanna League Vince Fedor Junior High Cross Country Championships were held Oct. 24 at Dunmore High School, on its 1.9 mile course.

In Division II, neither the Lackawanna Trail nor Elk Lake team registered team scores in the boy’s race. Elk Lake’s Kendall Jones finished third overall with a time of 12:22.81 and was followed by Trails Avery Ronchi at 12:38.30. John Heitsman (EL) and Carson Ware (LT) also finished in the boys’ top 10.

For the girls, Elk Lake placed second as a team, with 45 points, and Trail right behind them with 47 points. Blue Ridge took top honors as a team, with 30.

Lady Warrior Hannah Howell finished second in 13:55.78, behind Forest City’s Kate Korty.

Brenda Velasquez also completed the race, securing a top 10 position for Elk Lake. (7/14:37.02)


Team: Blue Ridge 27, Susquehanna 28

1.Dawson Stepniak (BR), 11:38.00; 2. Max Ksenich (BR), 11:42.86; 3. Kendall Jones (EL), 12:22.81; 4. Avery Ronchi (LT), 12:38.30; 5. Liam Dooley (S), 13:05.20; 8. John Heitsman (EL), 13:31.54; 9. Carson Ware (LT), 13:44.34; 17. Ethan Basile (LT) 15:16.15; 18. Devin Lawrence (EL) 26:21.43


Team: Blue Ridge 30, Elk Lake 45, Lackawanna Trail 47

1. Kate Korty (FC), 11:54.04; 2. Hannah Howell (EL), 13:55.78; 3. Emily Gorham (BR), 13:57.15; 4. Emma Piechocki (BR), 13:57.90; 5. Laura Nebzydoski (FC), 14:01.43; 7. Brenda Velasquez (EL), 14:37.02; 9. Ella Dewey (LT), 14:53.24; 9. Ella Dewey (LT) 14:53.24; 11. Megan Fahey (LT) 15:06.71; 13. Gina Warnero (EL) 15:23.97; 14. Nora Evans (LT) 15:35.00; 15. Keaton Lisk (LT) 16:01.22; 16. Emma Shaw (LT) 16:03.23; 19. Lilly Warner (EL) 16:19.89; 20. Meredith Neenan (EL) 16:21.39.

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