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Photo: N/A, License: N/A

STAFF PHOTOS/ED KING Lackawanna Trail’s Tori James leads the pack at the Spagna Championship track and field meet on May 7.

Photo: N/A, License: N/A

Luke Baldwin, left, keeps pace in the 100 meter dash preliminaries.

At Scranton Memorial Stadium, the 15th Robert Spagna Championship track and field meet was held on Tuesday, May 7, with Elk Lake and Lackawanna Trail participating.

The Lions finished in 20th place, with Alec Jones finishing seventh in the triple jump and Luke Walter placing eighth in the javelin.

Driven for eight trips around the oval, Wallenpaupack’s Toby Wirth used a powerful final lap to destroy the meet record for the 3,200-meter run in nine minutes, 18.68 seconds Tuesday night to highlight meet.

His time eclipsed the mark of 9:33.28, set in 2013 by Elk Lake’s Luke Jones.

“I like the rain,” Wirth said. “I was just trying to break 9:25, so anything faster than that is gravy.

“I beat that by almost 7 seconds and to set a meet record, you can’t ask for much more.”

Class 2A girls

100 Preliminaries:1-Kyahni Harbin (Scranton) 12.42; 18-Isabella Jagoe (LT) 13.68. 200: 1-Kyahni Harbin (Scranton) 25.91; 15-Willow Burnell (LT) 28.40. 400: 1-Mackenzie Turner (Wallenpaupack) 58.08; 12-Danielle Lamberti (LT) 1:07.27. 800: 1-Hannah Hughes, (Abington Heights) 2:22.55; 16-Victoria James (LT) 2:39.57. 1600: 1-Brianna Zipay (Valley View) 5:20.51; 13-Victoria James (LT) 5:53.35. 3200: 1-Laina Bogusta (Delaware Valley) 11:33.31; 16-Madison Swanchak (LT) 13:40.79. 300 Hurdles: 1-Trina Barcarola (Western Wayne) 45.40; 16-Rachael Beemer (LT) 57.16. 4x100 Relay: 1-Scranton ‘A’ 50.51; 9-Lackawanna Trail ‘A’ (Danielle Lamberti, Isabella Jagoe, Jordan Spencer, Willow Burnell) 54.34. 4x400 Relay: 1-Western Wayne ‘A’ 4:08.86; 14-Lackawanna Trail ‘A’ (Danielle Lamberti, Monica Stuenzi, Madison Swancak, Victoria James) 4:43.47. 4x800 Relay: 1-Abington Heights ‘A’ (Allison Dammer, Hannah Hughes, Elyse Simakaski, Gianna Sabatini) 9:57.49; 9-Lackawanna Trail ‘A’ (Madison Swanchak, Rachael Beemer, Abby Fahey, Victoria James) 11:02.20. Triple Jump: 1-Anna Ioppolo (Wallenpaupack) 36-02.50; 9-Jordan Spencer (LT) 32-00.00. Shot Put: 1-Mikayla Marino (Lakeland) 38-03.25; 20-Daisy Petty (LT) 26-04.75; 27-Megan Bosscher (EL) 22-11.50. Discus Throw: 1-Mikayla Marino (Lakeland) 133-05; 21-Allison Swanchak (LT) 76-07; 28-Megan Bosscher (EL) 65-02. Javelin Throw: 1-Ashleigh Gutowski (North Pocono) 111-07; 19-Kelsey Day (EL) 77-00.

Class 2A Boys

Team Standings: 2-Lakeland 81; 4-Mid Valley 63; 6-Scranton Prep 44; 7-Montrose 43; 11-Western Wayne 28; 13-Holy Cross 18; 15-Susquehanna 15.33; 16-Dunmore 14; 14-Riverside 11; 18-Carbondale Area 7; 19-Blue Ridge 6; 20-Lackawanna Trail 3.

100 Preliminaries: 1-Patrick Redman (Valley View) 11.12; 24-Luke Baldwin (LT) 12.31. 200: 1-Darryn Ouk (Delaware Valley) 22.79; 21-Luke Baldwin(LT) 25.42. 400: 1-Johnny Barcarola (Western Wayne) 50.90; 22-Alec Jones (LT) 59.03. 800: 1-Jack Monte (Wallenpaupack) 2:00.08; 23-Isaac Vierling (LT) 2:23.21. 1600: 1-Tyler Wirth (Wallenpaupack) 4:31.36; 24-JJ Sharpe (LT) 5:31.88. 110 Hurdles Preliminaries: 1-Antonio Maletta (Abington Heights) 14.93; 13-Dakota Moyle (LT) 17.74. 300 Hurdles: 1-Antonio Maletta (Abington Heights) 39.19; 13- Dakota Moyle (LT) 44.34. 4x100 Relay: 1-Wallenpaupack ‘A’ (Matthew Horak, J.T. Tirjan, Exavier Warner, Anthony Dalessio) 44.51; 14-Lackawanna Trail ‘A’ (Alec Jones, Tyler Rozanski, Luke Baldwin, Dakota Moyle) 47.93. 4x400 Relay: 1-Mid Valley Sr. High School ‘A’ (Sebastian Brudnicki, Gideon Dalzell, Christian Chakiris, Shane Rosencrans) 3:33.08; 14-Lackawanna Trail ‘A’ (Alec Jones, Kody Cresswell, Tyler Rozanski, Dakota Moyle) 3:56.62. 4x800 Relay: 1-Wallenpaupack ‘A’ (Jack Monte, Kyle Kellstrom, Dieter Burckes, Tyler Wirth) 8:21.93; 15-Lackawanna Trail ‘A’ (JJ Sharpe, Isaac Vierling, Luke Walker, Michael Bluhm) 10:04.08. Long Jump: 1-Zakeem Vassell (West Scranton) 21-04.75; 23-Jared Klepadlo (LT) 17-07.00. Triple Jump: 1-George Ellis (Scranton) 42-08.25; 7-Alec Jones (LT) 39-06.25. Shot Put: 1-CJ Dippre (Lakeland) 47-00.00; 11-Mark Dunckle (LT) 38-09.50; 12-Malcolm Staff (EL) 38-08.00. Discus: 1-CJ Dippre (Lakeland) 159-05; 14-Mark Dunckle (LT) 115-08; 17-Malcolm Staff (EL) 108-02.Javelin: 1-Joey Scarfalloto (Honesdale) 189-02; 8-Luke Walker (LT)

150-00; 20-Malcolm Staff (EL) 110-09.