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STAFF PHOTOS/COLLEEN MCALEER Elk Lake’s Mario Mollo comes up for air Wednesday in the 200 IM during the Greg Chew Invitational meet at Elk Lake against Tunkhannock. The teams, which both have connections to the former coach, split the meet.

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Tunkhannock’s Julien Madus completes the backstroke leg of the 200 yard IM.

Elk Lake hosted Tunkhannock for the third annual Greg Chew Memorial Invitational Meet on Wednesday, Dec. 4.

While the teams split, with the Tigers winning the girls race and the Warriors taking the boys, both teams were able to honor and remember a teacher and coach who was very important to both programs.

Greg Chew was a teacher and coach in the Elk Lake school district, and was actually the first varsity swim coach in Dimock.

He also coached the TigerSharks, Tunkhannock’s age group swimmers, and was instrumental in the foundation of those swimmers.

“We do talk about the relationship between the two schools, however we need to continue for the future so the memorial scholarship continues and people are reminded of Coach Chew,” said Elk Lake head coach Marion Austin.

She continued, “It is a meet the two teams always look forward to, because we do not swim Tunkhannock for league meets only at districts and invitationals.”

Tigers boys head coach Tim Mislevy added, “We always look forward to swimming Elk Lake. It is very enjoyable.”

“As Greg Chew used to coach our age group team we usually have a couple swimmers who remember him and let the other kids know,” said Lady Tigers head coach Tori King. “I think they have all graduated now, but we still let them know and the stories get passed down.”

While both teams performed well in the preseason scrimmage, Mislevy was happy with the boys performance.

“The boys did well. Our shorter distances are better than our longer distances at this time,” he said. “After looking over their times they are pretty much where I would expect them at this time of the season.”

Austin was in the same mindframe, saying her team overall performed well but that they were relatively ahead of their start from last year.

The meet provides the coaches with the chance to find out where swimmers can move around for future meets, as well as give them an indication of where the athletes are and what the coaches need to continue working on and make adjustments.

“This is definitely a meet we enjoy because we have such close ties with them and are very comfortable with each other. It makes for good, friendly competition,” said King.

In the girls meet, Lady Tiger Alexis Hutchins captured four first place finishes. The senior took first as part of the 200 medley relay and 200 free relay, as well as in the 200 IM and 100 breststroke.

Camryn Rogers also had four firsts, from the 200 medley relay, the 200 free relay, 50 freestyle and 500 freestyle.

Erin Weaver had three top finishes, along with a second.

For the Lady Warriors, sophomore Reese Warriner and freshman Brenna Decker were both a part of the 400 freestyle relay team that finished first.

Warriner also placed first in the 200 freestyle, while Decker topped in the 100 freestyle.

For the boys, Warrior Kevin Noldy finished first in the 500 freestyle and the 100 backstroke, and also as a part of the 200 medley relay and 200 free relay.

Senior Zack Grosvenor also had four top places, including the 200 freestyle, 50 freestyle, and on the 200 free relay and 400 free relay.

For the Tigers, Julien Madus finished first in the 100 butterfly. He was also part of the second place 200 medley relay and 200 free relay teams.

Austin, along with Darcy Chew Howell, Greg’s widow, will choose a Warriors senior swim team member to receive the Greg Chew Memorial Scholarship at the end of the school year.

Funding for that scholarship is raised, in part, by basket raffles and 50/50 ticket sales.

“We did not pick the 50/50 winner yet because we would like to get to $500. We are three quarters of the way,” said Austin.

Even though the last group of athletes that he personally taught and coached are currently seniors, Greg Chew’s legacy and memory will continue to live on as the Invitaional grows each year.


Tunkhannock 102, EL 77

200 Medley Relay: 1.Tunkhannock (Hannah Aitken, Alexis Hutchins, Erin Weaver, Camryn Rogers) 2:04.25; 2. Elk Lake (Samantha Hunsinger, Brenna Decker, Reese Warriner, Megan Bosscher) 2:20.36; 3. Tunkhannock (Victoria Slusark, Emma Holdredge, Jonica Snay, Ana Jerome) 2:30.56; 4. Elk Lake (Jessica Noldy, Dahlia Ofalt, Cadence DeGregory, Alyssa Dovin) 2:33.03; 5. Tunkhannock (Alexis Vandermark, Sophia Mancuso, Cassidy Hardy, Ashley Roberts) 2:57.02. 200 Free: 1. Reese Warriner (EL) 2:25.22; 2. Erin Weaver (TA) 2:26.58; 3. Emma Holdredge (TA) 2:27.91; 4. Emmaleigh Buffington (EL) 2:56.84; 5. Alexis Vandermark (TA) 3:11.49. 200 IM: 1. Alexis Hutchins (TA) 2:24.58; 2. Brenna Decker (EL) 2:48.61; 3. Emily Weaver (TA) 2:54.66; 4. Jessica Noldy (EL) 2:58.91; 5. Julianna Roote (TA) 3:15.64. 50 Free: 1. Camryn Rogers (TA) 26.43; t2. Reese Warriner (EL) 28.95; t2. Erin Voda (EL) 28.95; 4. Hannah Aitken (TA) 29.92; 5. Alejandra Vizcaino (TA) 50.77; 6. Elisha West (EL) 50.78. Diving: 1. Ana Jerome (TA) 168.20; 2. Dahlia Ofalt (EL) 125.30. 100 Fly: 1. Erin Weaver (TA) 1:14.04; 2. Megan Bosscher (EL) 1:17.76; 3. Cadence DeGregory (EL) 1:28.55; 4. Victoria Slusark (TA) 1:28.89; 5. Cassidy Hardy (TA) 1:47.06. 100 Free: 1. Brenna Decker (EL) 1:07.20; 2. Emily Weaver (TA) 1:08.34; 3. Samantha Hunsinger (EL) 1:09.47; 4. Julianna Roote (TA) 1:15.52; 5. Amelia Comly (EL) 1:18.95; 6. Jana Vickova (TA) 1:26.06. 500 Free: 1. Camryn Rogers (TA) 6:13. 58; 2. Alyssa Dovin (EL) 7:53.10; 3. Julianna Roote (TA) 8:09.70; 4. Ashley Roberts (TA) 8:10.55. 200 Free Relay: 1. Tunkhannock (Emily Weaver, Alexis Hutchins, Erin Weaver, Camryn Rogers) 1:56.65; 2. Elk Lake (Samantha Hunsinger, Jessica Noldy, Dahlia Ofalt, Erin Voda) 2;11.94; 3. Tunkhannock (Ana Jerome, Jonica Snay, Julianna Roote, Gabrielle Roote) 2:16.62; 4. Elk Lake (Emmaleigh Buffington, Cadence DeGregory, Amelia Comly, Alyssa Dovin) 2:23.05; 5. Tunkhannock (Sophia Mancuso, Amelia Kowalczyk, Alejandra Vizcaino, Jana Vickova) 2:39.02. 100 Back: 1. Hannah Aitken (TA) 1;13. 85; 2. Jessica Noldy (EL) 1:23.22; 3. Samantha Hunsinger (EL) 1:29.63; 4. Jonica

Snay (TA) 1:32. 16; 5. Emmaleigh Buffington (EL) 1:34.91. 100 Breast: 1. Alexis Hutchins (TA) 1:20.29; 2. Emma Holdredge (TA) 1:28.48; 3. Megan Bosscher (EL) 1:29.13; 4. Dahlia Ofalt (EL) 1:41.70; 5. Amelia

Kowalczyk (TA) 1:45.40. 400 Free Relay: 1. Elk Lake (Reese Wariner, Brenna Decker, Erin Voda, Megan Bosscher) 4:32.06; 2. Tunkhannock (Emily Weaver, Hanah Aitken, Emma Holdredge, Gabrielle Roote) 4:51.39; 3.

Elk Lake (Alyssa Dovin, Amelia Comly, Cadence DeGregory, Emmaleigh Buffington) 5:33.00; 4. Tunkhannock (Alexis Vandermark, Victoria Slusark, Cassidy hardy, Julianna Roote) 5:39.23; 5. Tunkhannock (Alejandra Vizcaino, Jana Vickova, Ashley Roberts, Amelia Kowalczyk) 5:40.00.

Boys swimming

EL 86, Tunkhannock 81

200 Medley Relay: 1. Elk Lake (Kevin Noldy, Zachary Shields, Mario Mollo, Noah Staff) 1:59.08; 2. Tunkhannock (Jordon Wagner, Lane Repsher, Julien Madus, Mike Astegher) 2:05.24; 3. Tunkhannock (Bradley Keeler, Hunter Snay, Jacob Keeler, Jacob Baltrusaitis) 2:14.86. 200 Free: 1. Zachary Grosvenor (EL) 2:21.25; 2. Jordon Wagner (TA) 2;23. 14; 3. Jacob Keeler (TA) 2:42.69; 4. Issaic Brewer (EL) 2;43. 87; 5. Mitchell Delano (EL) 2:55.28; 6. Matt Astegher (TA) 3;25. 94. 200 IM: 1. Lane Repsher (TA) 2:47.90; 2. Noah Staff (EL) 2:51. 70; 3. Zachary Shields (EL) 2:51.75; 4. Eric Powell (TA) 3:43.34. 50 Free: 1. Zachary Grosvenor (EL) 27.5; 2. Jacob Baltrusaitis (TA) 27.84; 3. Jack Lincoln (EL) 30.24; 4. Brady Lukasavage (TA) 35.15; 5. Mitchell Delano (EL) 35.92; 6. Colin Fetterman (TA) 43.08. Diving: 1. Nico Lachase (TA) 138.10; 2. Hunter Snay (TA) 125.95. 100 Fly: 1. Julien Madus (TA) 1:10.80; 2.

Quinn Grosvenor (EL) 1:16.88; 3. Jacob Keeler (TA) 1:20.74. 100 Free: 1. Mario Mollo (EL) 58.86; 2. Noah Staff (EL) 59.47; 3. Mike Astegher (TA) 1:06.50; 4. Issaic Brewer (EL) 1:07.97; 5. Jacob Baltrusaitis (TA) 1;13. 86; 6. Zack Kasmierski (TA) 1:22. 99. 500 Free: 1. Kevin Noldy (EL) 5:43.49; 2. Jordon Wagner (TA) 6:38.42; 3. Bradley Keeler (TA) 7:16.11. 200 Free Relay: 1. Elk Lake (Zachary Shields, Zachary Grosvenor, Noah Staff, Kevin Noldy) 1:42.79; 2. Tunkhannock (Jacob Baltrusaitis, Mike Astegher, Julien Madus, Jordon Wagner) 1:43.74; 3. Tunkhannock (Brady Lukasavage, Nico Lachase, Jacob Keeler, Bradley Keeler) 2:03.62; 4. Elk Lake (Quinn Grosvenor, Jack Lincoln, Mitchell Delano, Issaic Brewer) 2:04.42. 100 Back: 1. Mike Astegher (TA) 1:21.99;

2. Quinn Grosvenor (EL) 1:22.59; 3. Eric Powell (TA) 1:43.59. 100 Breast: 1. Kevin Noldy (EL) 1:20.90; 2. Zachary Shields (EL) 1:23.52; 3. Lane Repsher (TA) 1:26.33.

400 Free Relay: 1. Elk Lake (Zachary Grosvenor, Quinn Grosvenor, Issaic Brewer, Mario Mollo) 4:19. 28;

2. Tunkhannock (Bradley Keeler, Matt Astegher,

Lane Repsher, Brady Lukasavage) 4:57.44; 3. Tunkhannock (Hunter

Snay, Nico Lachase,

Eric Powell, Colin Fetterman) 5:36.13.