Voters chose the chain pickerel background for the 2021 fishing license button pattern.

Voters selected the Chain Pickerel to be featured on the 2021 Pennsylvania fishing license button, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) announced.

During an online poll from September 17-30, a total of 1,453 voters cast their ballots to choose between four options. The fish skin design featuring the scales of a Chain Pickerel was a runaway winner, with 676 votes (46.5 percent). A single-color Conservation Green option was the second most popular choice, earning 283 votes (19.5 percent). A classic red and white bobber design placed third, with 279 votes (19.2 percent). A design featuring a life jacket rounded out the field, collecting 215 votes (14.8 percent).

The Chain Pickerel button will be available for order when 2021 Pennsylvania fishing licenses go on sale beginning on Dec. 1. Buttons cost $10 each. Please allow several weeks for delivery. Licenses can be purchased online at www.fishandboat.com and at more than 700 license issuing agents across the state. The purchase of an annual or multi-year fishing license or voluntary youth license is required to purchase a license button. The purchase of a button is not a requirement to purchase a license.

Each custom button measures 1 3/4 inches with a high-quality, pin-back design and features the angler’s customer identification number (CID), the same number displayed on a standard fishing license. Anglers who display a collectible fishing license button must still possess a standard fishing license and be able to produce it upon request of a PFBC Waterways Conservation Officer.

The Chain Pickerel is the most abundant and widely distributed member of Pennsylvania’s pike family. Notoriously aggressive lure biters, Chain Pickerel are found throughout the Delaware, Susquehanna, and Potomac river watersheds. The Chain Pickerel hides easily in its weedy habitat, with its dark, greenish-yellow back, fading to lighter yellow-green along the sides. Over the sides is a pattern of dark chain-like markings that gives the fish its name.

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