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Overfield Township supervisors heard from members of the public Tuesday (April 9) who had concerns about what they consider a nuisance establishment in the neighborhood.

Paul Davis said he repeatedly sees cars driving into his front yard that are coming out of Boathouse Bar and Grill on Lake Road in Lake Winola.

“It’s a speed limit issue and it’s a safety issue,” Davis said. “Now for the third time, I have to redo my front yard because the cars are coming right off into the yard.”

He said he’s unsure of what the township supervisors can do, but wanted to put it out there.

David Banks, who also lives nearby, backed up Davis’ claim and said early last Saturday at 2:30 a.m., he was woken up when a car smashed into a tree 30 feet from his bedroom window.

He also noted that in October, a driver took his fence out, and that Davis had an incident a year and a half ago when a driver hit part of his property and his son’s truck before fleeing the scene.

The driver in the situation with Davis was drunk, Banks said, noting that it’s a regular occurrence to see people drinking alcohol to a point where he believes they’re “smashed” at the Boathouse.

He called the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board that morning.

Overfield Township Chief of Police Terrance Fisher said within the last two weeks, cops have been sitting on Lake Road for hours, and it’s only a 25 mile per hour zone.

“We’ll just keep on watching for it,” Fisher said, who wrote two citations in this area that week. “We’ll be diligent. All of our families travel those roads.”

Supervisors also made a motion to revive the park committee with Peggy Leonhart as its head.

Secretary and treasurer Susan Smith said the committee previously dwindled out, and there’s been interest in restoring it to do projects such as installing walking trails.

The Humane Society also brought up the possibility of starting a dog park in the township.

Supervisor Louis Marcho said the park fund has been at $4,000 for the past few years, and a walking trail can be accomplished inexpensively with volunteers.

The dog park could also be simple, Marcho said, as it would likely just need fences, benches and a gate.

“I think people in this area would be satisfied, especially people around the lake, just having a fence to let their dog run around,” Marcho said. “It’s one of those things, you bring your pets there, you bring your family there, and now there’s more people who go to the park.”

Marcho said the supervisors will advertise a call for volunteers, as well as park committee members, in the spring newsletter.

In the planning commission report, zoning officer George Dougherty presented the supervisors with a waiver request for the Grandinetti lot improvement subdivision.

The request asks that the remaining property across from Route 2031 be exempt from the requirement in the zoning ordinance that states all lots in this respect must be shown regardless of size.

The supervisors approved the waiver request conditionally upon the approval of the county.

Dougherty also said he recently attended a floodplain seminar, which touched on flood insurance, elevation certificates, hydrology maps and more.

Supervisors will put out bids for oil for roads, as well as bids for a roller. Purchasing a roller could be more cost effective, the supervisors said, but renting is also an option if that does not work out.

In the road report, Smith said crews have been filling in potholes and repairing soft spots in the township.

Supervisors also rescheduled a road inspection for last Thursday, April 11, and made an annual $50 donation to the Dalton Fish Derby.

The Overfield Township supervisors are scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, May 17, at 7 p.m.