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The last newspaper issue for which letters to the Editor either in favor of or against a candidate in the Nov. 3 election is October 21. Letters have to arrive in the newspaper office by Friday, Oct. 16, at 5 p.m. in order to be considered.

Better Angels

Dear Editor:

The day of reckoning is upon us. As a bitterly divided, unflinchingly tribal and, perhaps, irreparably uncompromising nation, we must decide whether or not we want four more years of Donald Trump. I will not utilize this letter to once again point out Trump’s heinous and unpardonable sins against democracy because trying to use reason or logic or facts or civil argumentation with terminally myopic Trump supporters is an exercise in futility. I tried speaking to one Trumper who actually said she finds him “refreshing.” Refreshing!? One should not find flatulence refreshing. One should feel relief when it’s gone.

Admittedly, I have lost much hope for our country over the last four years. But recently a very dear friend of mine gave me a book to read: John Meacham’s The Soul of America – The Battle for Our Better Angels. Meacham points out that America’s story has not always been laudable, but we have always been sustained by a belief in progress even in the gloomiest of times. “The good news,” writes Meacham, “is that we have come through such darkness before.” The book is ultimately about hope—how our better angels will always prevail.

Thus, food for thought before you vote:

-F.D.R. maintained that “the Presidency is not merely an administrative office. That’s the least of it…It is pre-eminently a place of moral leadership.”

-Our institutions help us to preserve decency. Upon taking office Trump set out to change or even destroy those institutions in order to remain in power.

-To abandon facts is to abandon freedom. If nothing is true then no one can criticize power because there is no basis upon which to do so (Fake News). All is spectacle, and the biggest wallet pays for the most blinding lights.

-You submit to tyranny when you renounce the difference between what you want to hear and what is truth.

-Open hostility to verifiable reality, shamanistic incantation (present at all Trump rallies), the open embrace of contradiction, blatant abandonment of reason, and misplaced faith all lead to Trump’s soulless intention: the death of Truth.

I do still have faith that the majority of Americans will not tolerate another four years of Trump and will cast their votes for democracy, justice, tolerance, and truth. No matter what happens, I’ve learned not to give up hope. Because, whatever the results, I still have a dear friend who gives me inspiring books.

Bill Chapla


Responding to ‘Please vote blue’

Dear Editor:

This is in response to please vote blue. Your opening sentence is accurate, you will not change my mind. I felt the same with Obama, but I survived as will you.

Ricky Rebel must be a racist because he supports Trump? Joe Biden must also be a racist since he was friendly with Robert Byrd (a former high ranking member of the KKK)?

The Pilgrims came here for religious freedom not with a boat load of slaves from Africa.

Clinton created the ‘oral office.’ How many times did he cheat on his wife and lie to the American people? Also, his association with Epstein and that ‘special island?’

Many mortals lie. I am not that close with Trump to know if he goes to church. God is everywhere and you do not need to enter a church to worship or believe in God.

I do not consider myself to be privileged because I was born white. However, I do consider myself privileged because my parents and my husband’s parents immigrated to the U.S.A. Here in the U.S.A. you have a choice except for one of your blue people stated ‘But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.’ Obamacare was far from affordable.

Proper forest management might be the solution to the fires out west. If the fires are a result of climate change, then where are our fires?

Why should the working class continue to pay taxes to support those who are lazy and looking for a hand out versus a helping hand? There is a need to help mental health issues, but do not take the money away from the police.

Your blue people wasted our tax dollars on an impeachment that went where? This deflected from the China Virus that was hitting our shores.

I listen and read Breitbart, not Fox. Granted there are several Trump supporters at Fox. His supporters do not normally hold the President accountable when he makes mistakes. This is where Breitbart is different. Breitbart and Mark Levin will call out the President and express their disappointment. I don’t recall the blue media doing much of this under the prior administration.

Let’s see how the media and the blue will ‘Kavanaugh’ the latest supreme court nominee.

I want a choice and will not vote blue. I ask all registered voters to vote on Nov. 3.

Kathy Mackiw


Inappropriate language

Dear Editor:

I recently saw several signs with inappropriate language regarding voting for a particular candidate. I do not want to think of my children and grandchildren being encouraged to talk with their family about voting for a person who recommends: No More BSas a campaign slogan.

I feel acceptance of this language in a public forum will open the door for more and more unacceptable language.

I believe we are in this together, for the good of the nation, for the betterment of this democracy. I invite people to consider how to best seek my vote, and the votes of others who want to live in the peace of democracy, without crass language.

Many thanks.

Lou Divis


(Rev. Divis is pastor of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Tunkhannock.)

Do the right thing

Dear Editor:

As daughters of Rev. Alva Tompkins, whom some may remember, we feel compelled to live and work towards his ideals and causes which have molded us. One of our father’s firm beliefs was that we must act by serving “the least of these,” the people who are at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder and those who are handicapped or born with conditions requiring support. In northeast Pennsylvania he fought for better care of our aging people in assisted living homes. He and my mother hosted yearly picnics at their home for the migrants who were picking the crops right down the road. He was instrumental in creating the URS sheltered workshop for the intellectually challenged right here in Tunkhannock, a precursor to the wonderful work of Keystone Community Services. In his Chicago ministry he made sure that we learned in Sunday School the words to the song, “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight,” a song we can still sing today. He firmly believed that we can be judged on how we treat “the least of these.” Governments can be judged in the same way. What kind of government do you want?

Our father also taught us that it is important to act on your beliefs. Do what is in your power to do the right thing. Right now the most powerful thing we can do is to speak out and make a plan to vote November 3. Which candidates live up to your ideals? Were you raised with the same ideals we grew up with? If you were, it is not difficult to make a choice. Do the right thing. Act! Vote!

Margaret Tompkins Young


Calista Stark Tompkins Hendrickson


Reaction to ‘Citizen activist’

Dear Editor:

I opened my on-line alert from The Examiner this morning to see this appalling headline: ‘Citizen Activist Burns Flag.’ I began reading and as I got deeper into the article my blood began to boil. This so-appointed ‘activist, Mr. Gene Stilp, is nothing more than a Marxist advocate and operative. He comes to Tunkhannock because he doesn’t like what he sees? Excuse me, but who determined Mr. Stilp to be the arbiter of what is appropriate and what is not? Is Mr. Stilp acquainted with the term “Freedom of Speech and/or Expression” in this country?

This flag was most definitely not planted by a genuine Trump supporter, but by an Antifa/BLM activist who wanted to create the illusion that Trump supporters are Nazis, bigots, right wing supremacists and such. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is the Democrats, such as Mr. Stilp, who stifle free speech and the rights of Americans to say what they want, as heinous as it may be, and he is not the judge to decide. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Stilp and his cohorts planted that flag themselves! How would he have know it was there? How? He doesn’t even live in the town. So here he comes, swoops into Tunkhannock and has a photo-op, which The Examiner was just too happy to cover, and voila! we have another Trump bashing session on our hands. But the truth of the matter is, it is the Democrats and Biden supporters who align themselves with Antifa and BLM, as witnessed by Biden’s inability to condemn them in the first presidential debate the other evening.

Try as you may, you will not fool people with these antics and I will continue to post my opinions and spread your false, misleading articles on my social media pages to show how foolhardy and misinformed The Examiner is. Frankly, I wouldn’t have given Mr. Stilp one line of press. This was a set up from the get go. And also, while we’re at it, how did The Examiner know that Mr. Stilp was in town? And how did you manage to get that photo at the exact moment of him throwing a Trump flag in the garbage? How serendipitous! Imagine... you knew exactly when to arrive, Mr. Stilp waited for you to come, and you flashed the photo just in the nick of time to make a phony headline for a bogus lie! Promoting falsehoods is not the pursuit of journalism, or is it?

Shame on The Examiner, but it seems that every print periodical, nary a few, have aligned themselves with the Marxists/Leftists in this country to show themselves as being freedom warriors, when they are nothing of the sort, and actually the opposite.

You’d better rethink your platform before you go out of business just like the N.Y. Times, Daily News, and the other papers that are signing their own death warrant and slowly fading into the ash heap of a once thriving print media.

Ronnie Gavarian


One vote makes a difference

Dear Editor:

In less than a month, all of America will go to the polls to vote in our national election. For some, it’s a sacred duty, an important responsibility to insure out democratic process. For others, it’s a hit-or-miss proposition – “If I have the time” or “It’s supposed to be cold and rainy that day.” For a certain sector of the electorate however, their response is, “I never vote. One vote won’t make any difference.”

Many years ago, it was mid-August, and my older sister and I were preparing to return for the fall semesters at our respective colleges. Making sure clothes were washed and pressed, packing books needed for courses, and inventorying notebooks, pens, and the requisite typewriter (does anyone still use a typewriter?) were but a few of the last minute preparations. In the midst of the all this activity, my Mother received a telephone call from Marion Brooks, a dear friend of any decades from Lymanville, and the wife of Dean Brooks, the Washington Township Supervisor. She explained that Dean was retiring as Supervisor, and was running for the position of Tax Collector in the November local election. She asked if my sister and I would be willing to register at the Wyoming County Courthouse to receive absentee ballots that would allow us to vote for Dean in the upcoming election. My mother’s response was, “Of course I’ll see to it that they both register. And we will most certainly be voting for Dean.

The next day, despite all we still had to do, my sister and I dutifully went into town to the courthouse, presented ourselves to the Director of Elections, and duty registered to receive out absentee ballots, and in a week were back in the swing of college life.

In mid-October we received out absentee ballots, voted for Dean, and sent them promptly off in the mail. In November, on election night, the ballots were gathered and counted, and the winners announced, Dean Brooks won the election – BY JUST ONE VOTE! His margin of victory couldn’t have been narrower, and if my sister and I had not voted, Dean would have lost the election by just one vote.

Dean Brooks served admirably and capably in his position for several more terms, but was always quick to mention his election victory was due to a margin of just one vote. And when this story is told in the Mitchell home, our family is half-jokingly quick to take full credit.

So to all the apathetic and disinterested voters out there, never again use the excuse that just one vote won’t make a difference. It absolutely can, so on November 3, 2020, go out and exercise one of the most important duties of all Americans – VOTE.

Mark T. Mitchell


Insect calling?

Dear Editor:

In response to Jeanne Bollinger’s editorial in your Sept. 30 edition.

You called me an insect: that’s par for the course for the type of person you seem to be.

But Jesus Christ would call you a hypocrite! You said you would vote unequivocally for a man who broke most IF not all of the commandments. How can you live with yourself?

Donald Trump lies, and you love him unequivocally? My God wants love not hate.

You must be proud. Republican, churches and bars are closed. Roads are worst than ever. When will they be paved? Maybe when Democrats are in power?

Philip Shebby

Lake Winola

Another take on insect calling

Dear Editor:

This is in response to Jeanne Bollinger’s recent letter: As she sees it, “insects” are “thwarting President Trump’s every effort to do the job he set out to do.”

Some of the very capable, as well as the not-so capable insects were appointed by him and then sacrificed on his bug zapper when their educated and advisory opinions did not align with his. Just saying...

Jean Franko


Rebuttal to Congressman Carney

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to former Democrat Congressman Chris Carney for what I view as the latest in a long list of salacious and unfounded comments coming from the Left about President Trump.

As for Carney’s reference to alleged Trump comments about “losers and suckers”, Carney of all people should know that the Atlantic’s article was attributed to an anonymous source. So called anonymous sources are a favorite tool for those who make up stories and generate unfounded lies. To that point, there were reported to be 5 people, in addition to the President, in the room when the decision was made to cancel the trip to the Aisne-Marne Cemetery in France. One was Retired General Kelly, former Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps. It was further alleged that General Kelly had originally suggested the trip. If the President had used the words “losers and suckers” with General Kelly in the room, we would have heard about it long before the Atlantic “hit piece”. Another person present the morning of the alleged incident was John Bolton, now the former National Security Advisor to the President. In his is tell all book, which is not at all flattering when it comes to the President, Bolton discussed the cancelled trip, attributing it to the No-Fly weather conditions. In fact, when ask about the incident, after the Atlantic article was published, Bolton responded, that it never happened.

As for the President’s comments about John McCain, they were political opponents. You might recall, that on President Trumps journey to the Presidency, he had to defeat a long list of establishment Republicans as well as Democrats (known colloquially as the SWAMP). To place his comments in perspective, look at Kamala Harris’ comments about Joe Biden during their face of to be their party’s presidential contender. She accused him of committing rape. A charge that many of us believe is true. Now she is pleased to be his running mate. Only in Washington!

Furthermore, regarding Joe Biden’s so called “deep respect for the military”, it was the Obama/Biden administration that cut the Defense Budget to the point that our country’s national security interests were imperiled! ISIS flourished and U.S. Hostages were abandoned.

Listening to Biden’s campaign rhetoric, is pure folly! This guy has been in government for 47 years. He has a record; we don’t need a speech. Democrats would weaken our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. Free speech and the Right to Bear Arms are the basis upon which our Democracy was founded. Both Biden and Harris have flip flopped so much on Fracking that their true positions are unclear, but they have both, in the past, promised to abolish fracking and destroy the prosperity it has brought to this region of the state. Further, their lack of support for Law and Order, their lack of support for secure borders, their past history of sending jobs overseas, and their lack of support for Institutions such as the Electoral College, and the Supreme Court should be enough to scare us all! Ask yourself, why was there was not one mention of the civil unrest during the Democrat Convention?

Our choice on November 3rd is clear. If you want to subsist on Hand-Outs from a government that wants us all to become dependent, vote Biden and Harris. If on the other hand you want an economy that offers opportunity for growth and financial prosperity, and a secure America, vote Trump and Pence.

Robert C. Turrell


(Turrell is a retired Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army.)

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