Thanks for support

Dear Editor:

Thanks to everyone for making the Drive-Through Food Collection at Ace-Robbins so successful.

Rain! Wind! Not what we wanted for our food collection but from this frightful weather came great results. We had ample volunteers to accept food and pack boxes, then into the three trucks. I won’t mention any names so as to not miss anyone, but they know who they are and I have thanked them separately. After a long day (six hours), we were ready to head out with our bountiful collection of food and personal hygiene products. The food and contributions were distributed to two local food banks. We collected $486.00 which will be split between the facilities. The shelves in one location were almost empty, so your donations were especially welcome. While sponsored by the Wyoming County Democratic Committee, the contributions came from the whole community, including our Republican and Independent friends. Thank you to all who contributed in any way, whether by donating food, money, helping collect and pack the donations, or driving your truck to deliver the items.

Sandy Goodwin


(Goodwin is writing on behalf of

the Wyoming County Democratic Committee.)

Election coverage by the media

Dear Editor:

Thursday night (Nov. 5), I was watching ABC news. They broke away from their regular programming to go to a Trump press conference where he was about to speak. In the middle of his speech right when he was about to make some remarks, about irregularities in vote counting of mail in ballots, ABC immediately broke away and went back to its regular programming.

I then tuned into MSNBC. They were not airing Trump’s speech at all. I then went to CNN. They showed the president’s whole speech. Then immediately after that went on to call our president a disgrace to our country and an outright liar and a poor loser.

I then went to Fox news and saw videos of poll watchers not being allowed inside polling places and cardboard being put up over windows so no one could see inside. What the president had said was absolutely true. I was watching it on live TV. What CNN said about our president was a description of themselves.

Most of the news media in this country is a disgrace to our country and outright liars. I’ve heard Fox news called liars many times but they actually show live video to back up what they are saying. The rest of the news media simply says something is not true because of no evidence. Yet they never produce any evidence of their own to prove anything. The people are simply supposed to believe them.

I don’t believe a word they say any more. I do believe what I see and I actually see things on Fox news that the rest of media completely ignores.

Don Buckingham


Demand better health care

Dear Editor:

Those profiting off our disastrous health care system keep pushing patchwork bills and incremental change. But we don’t need more Band-Aids. We want real reform. We want Medicare for All.

The grassroots movement for Medicare for All has--neighbor by neighbor, conversation by conversation--grown support to more than 70 percent of Americans. That number, combined with new leadership and a new Medicare for All caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives, means that now is an unprecedented time to win this thing.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal has introduced a new Medicare for All bill in the House, and we must call our lawmakers to demand they sign on as cosponsors.

Join us! Call your Congressional representatives and demand that they cosponsor the Medicare for All Act. Show up at your local Medicare for All organizing party! (

No tweaks to our existing system will make it value people over profits. Let’s stand together to win Medicare for All!

Andrea Rail


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