Letter to the reader

This is the last newspaper issue for which letters to the Editor either in favor of or against a candidate in the Nov. 3 election will be allowed.

Disagree with Governor

Dear Editor:

I am writing to say that I do not agree with Governor Tom Wolf regarding small business shutdowns, or policies that make it impossible for them to stay open.

Specifically, I am writing about Sidelines Bar & Grill located in Factoryville that has been closed twice. It is run by a family that depends on it for a living. It is a great establishment: no fights, no under-age drinking, and no over pouring. They know their customers, and we know them.

President Trump was at a rally and said that he did not know why the Governor had not opened up Pennsylvania. I feel that as an American in the USA, we should have the right to make the decision of going in a bar or not. The bar is a great place to go and have a social time with friends. Do not let big government take our rights away. We are not stupid.

Audrey Russell


Compressor noise and future of Fortress

Dear Editor:

It has been almost 10 years since the gas companies arrived, constructing and drilling wells throughout our area. Along with the influx of heavy trucks bearing equipment, sand, and water, gas and pipeline workers move through the area.

Now, after the initial rush of construction and infrastructure, things have quieted down a small bit, but only in some ways—and not everywhere.

The gas companies are now implementing a compressor process at many well pads in the region in order to increase the flow of gas from various wells. Chesapeake Energy claims to be looking to insulate the noise, but they don’t. These sites have been running for months, and they are still scheduled to install more compressors

The entire fossil fuel industry is in a slump due to over-production worldwide. According to the September issue of The Sierra Club Magazine, the U.S. fracking industry lost $300 billion during the last decade, yet is able to stay productive due to government subsidies, hedge funds, and investors. The construction of New Fortress Energy’s massive liquid natural gas site in Wyalusing Township has been put on indefinite hold. It claims this is because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, but according to the watchdog organization, Protect Northern PA, the LNG companies are getting a lot of pushback from officials about the dangers of truck and train transporting LNG through their towns and municipalities down to Gibbstown, N.J., to then be shipped overseas.

The best thing that could happen is that NFE backs away from the project, restores the area around the Friedenshutten site, and considers instead installing a solar panel farm that would produce clean, safe energy to supply local U.S. citizens instead of sending U.S. Energy overseas for what seems like a large profit to companies but comes at a considerable cost to local people, their quality of life, and tax-payers who support the subsidies to the failing, destructive industry.

Let’s keep the Endless Mountains a great place to live. I hear people visit the area and comment on how ugly the well sites are, how noisy they are, and how large trucks dominate the roads and make them feel unsafe. Let’s speak out against the large mega corporations and their getting the government subsidies that should be earmarked to aid COVID-19 recovery and re-build a failing infrastructure.

David A. Buck

Sugar Run

Why I’m for Biden/Harris

Dear Editor:

I’m voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris:

  • Because climate change is real;
  • Because 65 million Americans deserve their Social Security;
  • Because gun violence can be prevented;
  • Because health care is a human right;
  • Because social justice matters for all;
  • Because we need clean air, and the Clean Air Act has been eliminated under Trump;
  • Because we need safe drinking water, and the Safe Drinking Water Act has been eliminated under Trump;
  • Because our democracy depends on it;
  • Because our children deserve better;
  • Because Trump divides us while Biden unites us;

Because we need a President who works for all of us;

  • Because the truth matters.

I could list so many more reasons, but above all, I want to have a President whose behavior doesn’t set a terrible example for our children and grandchildren.

Please join me in taking the first crucial step in helping to make America decent again. Vote for Biden/Harris.

Connie Schulz

State College

Thanks for generosity

Dear Editor:

On Saturday, Oct. 3, I had the pleasure of attending an Art and Music Fest in Tunkhannock. The event was sponsored by Patrick Robinson of Kitson Art Gallery. When I first read the press release, I was impressed that Patrick solicited his creative juices to plan an outdoor event to offer a safe outdoor venue for those of us with COVID fever.

The article read like a miniature Founders Day, original craft vendors and different musicians providing entertainment every hour. Complimentary refreshments were also available. I was amazed at the small crowd, distanced at six feet, wearing masks. What could people possibly be doing?

It was a beautiful day and individuals could have taken their chairs and sat across the street to listen to the music and watch the colorful vendors. The entertainers and vendors were very enthusiastic. I walked up and down looking at the crafts and decided to buy a pair of earrings that I did not need to help the Fancy Beads vendor. I took the money out of my wallet to pay this wonderful storyteller of native descent and she refused my money and said, “Enjoy.”

I said, “Oh no, you must take this money, business is not that good today.” She said, “I want you to have the earrings and enjoy wearing them. Give the money you would have given me to a charity of your choice.” I continued to impose my desire for her to keep the money for supplies, but she would not comply. These beautiful earrings have become my favorite earrings. They will always remind me that there are wonderful, caring, generous, compassionate people hiding in places that you least expect.

I want to thank GDO of Keelersburg Road for giving me hope in a troubled world. Notice what happens when you unscramble her initials. Many of us like to give in silence, as the Lord has instructed us. By the way, the earrings were very reasonable, not enough for a charitable organization. I added the price of the earrings to my tip for a waitress recently. Kudos to GDO and every individual involved in the Art and Music Fest.

Keep up the good work.

Mary Murphy Fox


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