We the people

Dear Editor:

Apparently, the traitors who broke into our capitol building, ransacked and stole our property, killed a capitol police officer who’s duty it was to protect our building, and set out to hang our Vice President and Speaker of the House of Representatives fashioned themselves of ilk of 1776 type patriots who fought, bled, and died to secure for our generation the freedom that We The People enjoy. In fact, the traitors in the capital were passionate, as were our patriot ancestors who secured the blessings of America but the similarities go little further than that.

The 1776 patriots declared independence. They no longer wished to live as subjects of the British king. The 2021 traitors did not declare independence. They actually attempted to quash the will of We The People. It wasn’t a revolution... it was an attempted coup. It was the kind of thing we’d expect in a third world country, but not here in the greatest nation on earth.

The 1776 patriot’s loyalty did not belong to a man. It was an ideal of freedom, liberty, and self government for which they pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. The traitors bear closer resemblance to the British loyalists who resisted the American spirit of liberty and wished to remain loyal to the monarch tyrant. Had the loyalists had their way in the late 18th century, the American revolution would have failed and there would have been no United States of America. Had the recent insurrectionists had their way, the great republic would have failed and America, as it was founded, would be lost.

When the insurrectionists advanced against the capitol building last week, they sought to murder particular individuals, but the attack was actually against We The People. The offices of elected officials are not their own. They serve at the will of the people for whom they represent under laws codified in the constitution. The capitol fiasco last was an attack against a free and fair American election. It was an attempt to thwart the voice of the people who chose different leadership. It was not only unpatriotic but totally antithetical to the founding and constitution of our great republic.

If we ever hope to truly make America great again, we must begin with making it respectable again. For those who took part in the insurrection, whether through incitement or physical participation, justice must be appropriately swift and severe. For the rest of us, we must commit ourselves to the blessings and responsibilities of liberty and accept the results of free and fair elections, unless we can prove, with legitimate evidence, otherwise. The best thing for true patriots to do is search for great leaders before the next election. Those who can articulate freedom and liberty and have the moral underpinning to advance the cause of the greatest nation on earth above their own interests.

Kadin D. Thompson


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