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On ‘60 Minutes’ on Sept. 18, President Joe Biden declared “the pandemic is over.” Well into our third year of battling COVID-19, we all wish that were true. But unfortunately, that is a fantasy. All the data tell us the virus is not contained. And new, worrisome variants are on the horizon. Read more

The wife of California Rep. Tom McClintock, Lori McClintock, died in December of dehydration due to gastroenteritis caused by “adverse effects… Read more

My family and I just returned from a lovely week’s vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey. While we have many memories, like most vacations, one i… Read more

There is little doubt that income distribution among Americans, as measured by the percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) distributed to … Read more

The CHIPS and Science Act is a result of something exciting on Capitol Hill: a productive discussion about the next generation of American res… Read more

Literature has served a powerful purpose since the beginning of time. Not only does literature educate our future generations, but it also ins… Read more

Let’s all try to spend today and the rest of our lives more wisely. With rising inflation, we are all having to spend our hard-earned paycheck… Read more

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Gaslighting is a form of psychological maneuvering, some call it abuse, aimed at controlling a person by changing reality to a point where the… Read more

The significance of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation as a public health and human rights issue was first publicly recognized in communiti… Read more

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It did not necessitate great insight to foresee the spate of inflation coming down the pike, but apparently many missed it. Now standing at 8.… Read more

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It did not necessitate great insight to foresee the spate of inflation coming down the pike, but apparently many missed it. Now standing at 8.… Read more

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Just when dairy farmers and support groups are increasing their efforts to have whole milk placed back into our schools, and also when we are … Read more

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The surest way to limit the use of a product is to raise its price. It stands to reason that those concerned with the build-up of carbon dioxi… Read more

The decision by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to decline to pay for an expensive new Alzheimer’s drug unless people who take … Read more

Carrying baggage is exhausting. When traveling we often pack more than we need. When making a trip it’s always easier to travel light. Read more

In a civil, polite society we shouldn’t run around slapping comedians, politicians, radio or television personalities, or musical performers. … Read more

Russia Today, the media network known as RT, was forced to close broadcasting operations in the United States earlier this month, following th… Read more

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In response to your story about broadband in the March 16 Examiner, the bigger concern in my mind was that every time there is a power blip or… Read more

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“The county is working proactively with DEP to make sure outdoor recreation is safe and enjoyable for all.” Read more

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Higher Education is yet another sector of the economy that has suffered significantly during the pandemic. Since COVID-19 emerged, college enr… Read more

The Winter Olympics have provided striking images from China. The Games have showcased athletes shattering records with thrilling, historic pe… Read more

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A recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, by Professor John Ellis of the University of California at Santa Cruz, lambasts college fac… Read more

Since last summer, Medicare has been evaluating whether to pay for a newly approved, exorbitantly priced drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Read more

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Now that the decision to renew the term of office for Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell has been made, what is the prognosis for stemmin… Read more

One more time, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) deserves a big thank you for her efforts to improve prices paid to all dairy farmers in the USA. Read more

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In 1983, Northeast Pennsylvania confronted serious financial challenges. The regional economy, largely dependent on heavy manufacturing after … Read more

As the election results in Virginia and elsewhere demonstrate, many parents are upset with how American history and civics are being taught in… Read more

In the run-up to the Pennsylvania primary in 2008, a voter told a New York Times reporter that she couldn’t see voting for Barack Obama becaus… Read more

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in seven men, and one in four women have experienced physical violence by an … Read more

As I was traveling on I-81, I saw a billboard announcing the University of Scranton’s United States Conference on disABILITY. The conference i… Read more

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States has lost roughly 500,000 good-paying manufacturing jobs. That’s a heavy toll for s… Read more

The debate over infrastructure spending began even before President Biden put forth his original proposal. But much debate has shed more heat … Read more

Each year, about 18,000 kids in Pennsylvania have some type of contact with the criminal justice system. Most of these young people are in tro… Read more