Among Northeast Pennsylvania’s rites of spring is the car slalom, in which drivers desperately attempt — and often fail — to safely steer thei… Read more

Congratulations to Wyoming County Press Examiner sports editor Colleen McAleer who was honored this past Friday in a virtual meeting of the Ti… Read more

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“It is a little bit weird, but it’s the world that we live in.” Read more

Well before COVID-19 devastated nursing homes in Pennsylvania and nationally, Democratic Sen. Bob Casey of Scranton and Republican Sen. Pat To… Read more

Four years after the Legislature eliminated the registration stickers that vehicle owners used to have to affix to their license plates, someo… Read more

”I really care about the children and love doing this. Thank you for all of the kind words.” Read more

“We would schedule the clinic for tomorrow if we could.” Read more

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Kudos to area athletes for making a go of it this past Fall and Winter despite an occasional COVID-19 restriction. Read more

Rural areas across the country faced challenging development problems — which were key drivers in the past two presidential election cycles — … Read more

Rural areas across the country faced challenging development problems — which were key drivers in the past two presidential election cycles — … Read more

Donald Trump and his lawyers routinely have argued that the former president would be subjected to “irreparable harm” if his tax returns lande… Read more

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As winter sports seasons wind down, local schools are recognizing how lucky they’ve been to keep the COVID virus pandemic at bay. Our local ph… Read more

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“He leaves large footprints in the astronomical world here.” Read more

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The divisiveness that permeates the country today impacts the way we look at various institutions and occupations. People are characterized by… Read more

The United States finally seems to be gaining ground on the COVID-19 pandemic, which got a running start because of slow initial response and … Read more

“We believe the best place to learn is in school, in front of the teacher.” Read more

The failure of the state Department of State to advertise the constitutional amendment to allow for a two-year retroactive window for previous… Read more

Reopening schools is crucial not only for the educational, mental and social well-being of millions of American children, but to make possible… Read more

”Getting the vaccines is not a local matter, it’s a state matter. Our job is to prepare a plan, and we’re working very hard on that.” Read more

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Don’t forget that the Tunkhannock Business and Professional Association would like you to check out downtown businesses through the end of Feb… Read more

The Pennsylvania Department of State’s failure to advertise a pending state constitutional amendment, which would have enabled many sexual abu… Read more

It’s that time of year to break out of your burrow and come share the love in downtown Tunkhannock as it makes a stab at a Tunk-opoly game sim… Read more

“Wyoming County is a lot of rural communities, so our goal is to get out everywhere and hear the unheard voices.” Read more

President Joe Biden’s executive orders reinserting the United States into the global effort to slow global warming naturally produced oppositi… Read more

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Yesterday the groundhog reported to expect six more weeks of winter. Let’s hope the worst of it is behind us. Read more

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“The doses will come, we just don’t know when there will be enough for everyone.” Read more

Failing to aggressively tackle the COVID-19 pandemic when it arose nearly a year ago now means that vaccination is the best hope to contain th… Read more

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“This place is pretty overwhelming, incredible actually, and now I own an island to boot. It appeals to the Tom Sawyer in all of us, and we ca… Read more

The historic second impeachment of President Donald Trump was not simply the result of the violent insurrection that he instigated Jan. 6, but… Read more

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Let us hope for a peaceful transfer of power in the nation’s capital on Jan. 20 Read more

There are many challenges President-elect Biden will face. One will be how to carry out his pledge made in his first campaign speech to raise … Read more

“Every day, you have to wake up and say ‘I’m going to have a wonderful day no matter what the circumstances are.’ That will be the key to maki… Read more