In its effort to make more housing available to low-income residents, the Department of Housing and Urban Development sells off, at cost, prop… Read more

Hats off to the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department for its conduct of a “lethal threat exercise.” Otherwise known as an active shooter drill,… Read more

For all of the wonders of modern medicine, there never has been a cure — at least in the United States — for the high costs of prescription drugs. Read more

Congratulations to our Sports Editor Colleen McAleer who was honored Sunday with a luncheon recognizing her by the Tunkhannock Business and Pr… Read more

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our Press Examiner fair booth to share some thoughts about what you liked in our paper and what you might li… Read more

“This program was going to be able to help us get drugs off the streets and away from our kids. I really think this would have been a good thi… Read more

“I can emphatically say I have more trauma from six months in solitary than four combat tours in the Marines.” Read more

Automated “robocalls” that try to rope Americans into parting with their money, whether for legitimate goods and services or scams, are among … Read more

Automated “robocalls” that try to rope Americans into parting with their money, whether for legitimate goods and services or scams, are among … Read more

Just a reminder that the first booth in the Jim Dillon Commercial Barn at the Wyoming County Fairgrounds, belongs to the Wyoming County Press … Read more

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States has lost roughly 500,000 good-paying manufacturing jobs. That’s a heavy toll for s… Read more

The 25 percent benefit increase in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that the Biden administration announced Aug. 16 will help to … Read more

If I hadn’t gone for a routine checkup, bad things could have happened.” Read more

The debate over infrastructure spending began even before President Biden put forth his original proposal. But much debate has shed more heat … Read more

Census data are compiled only every 10 years, so it is inevitable that they affirm, rather than reveal, what most governments already know. Read more

As the Harford Fair gets underway this week, the Wyoming County Fair — that runs Sep. 1-6 — is looking for individuals to volunteer to help at… Read more

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“It’s very expensive, and becomes more expensive when you have to transport them for trials or medical reasons.” Read more

Thanks to Triton Hose Company for another successful fire carnival in downtown Tunkhannock. Although it was a warm week, the hose company woul… Read more

What a sock in the gut last week on deadline to discover that Commonwealth Health was going to end its emergency room coverage in October. Read more

Each year, about 18,000 kids in Pennsylvania have some type of contact with the criminal justice system. Most of these young people are in tro… Read more

Controversy is so intertwined with the modern Olympics that it might as well be one of the interlocking rings on the Olympic flag. But this ye… Read more

”He went from those really little shoes to the big ones he filled as my Army hero.” Read more

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Thanks to the Dietrich Theater/Wyoming County Cultural Center for hosting Susquehanna River Day last Saturday and for recent TAHS grad Jack Ch… Read more

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It’s impossible to calculate the full impact of the opioid addiction crisis. But it is necessary to put a price on some pharmaceutical manufac… Read more

Many Pennsylvania lawmakers bristle over government subsidies for renewable energy as they lavish billions of dollars in tax credits on the na… Read more

Enough rain already. Please keep your elderly neighbors and relatives in mind and help put them at ease if you know that a severe storm is app… Read more

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“Occurrences like this are happening far too often in our nation. I encourage all parents to watch their children and talk with their children.” Read more

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In Northeast Pennsylvania, so often a microcosm of national trends, communities face workforce challenges as pandemic life gradually recedes. Read more

Hats off to our county commissioners for attempting to find a new name for Roadside Rest, the park at the bottom of Eaton Township that over t… Read more

As insurrectionists carried Confederate battle flags through the Capitol of the United States on Jan. 6, they were encouraged by the presence … Read more