Registered Republicans and Democrats went to the polls June 2, along with casting ballots by mail, and it’s no surprise that at the top of the primary preferences from Wyoming County are the presumptive party nominees for President of the United States – Donald Trump and Joseph Biden.

Trump received 3,819 votes or 89.8 percent of the Republican vote cast; while Biden received 1,617 votes or 75.1 percent of the Democrats in Wyoming County. Across Pennsylvania, with 99.91 percent of the precincts reporting, Trump was the preference of 931,471 Republicans, and Biden the preference of 923,139 Democrats

For Congress, incumbent Fred Keller, R-Middleburg, was renominated by the GOP, and in November will face newcomer Democrat Lee Griffin of Northumberland County. They were both unopposed on the primary ballot, as was State Rep. Karen Boback, R-Harveys Lake. She will run unopposed in November because despite 281 write-in votes cast in Wyoming County, and others in the Lackawanna and Luzerne County portions of her district, no Democrat appears to have met the threshold of 300 write-in votes to be on the November ballot.

For state races, the lone person at the top of each ballot, sailed to victory for Attorney General, State Treasurer and Auditor General, except in the Democratic race for the latter post to succeed Eugene DePasquale.

In Wyoming County, Christina Hartman outdistanced Nina Ahmad, 461-392, in a 6-person battle for Auditor General. Statewide, however, Admad nudged Michael Lamb for the post, 356,620-344,785. She will be opposed in November by Timothy DeFoor, who received 904,869 Republican votes.

In the race for State Attorney General, incumbent Josh Shapiro received 1,856 Democratic votes, and Heather Heidlebaugh received 3,619 Republican votes in Wyoming County; while at the state level, Shapiro received the nod of 1,047,012 Democrats, and Heidlebaugh 916,704 Republicans.

For State Treasurer, incumbent Joseph Torsella received 1,801 Democratic votes, and Stacy L. Garrrity received 3,718 Republican votes; while at the state level, Torsella received the nod of 996,631 Democrats, and Garrity 909,273 Republicans.

For delegates to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the candidates pledged for Trump and Biden from the 12th Congressional District also swept to victory on June 2. However, the top three candidates for delegate to the Republican National Convention in the county included David Huffman Jr., who district-wide was nudged out by Donald Hoffman by fewer than 2,000 votes.

County Republican committee posts also were decided for most of the county’s precincts.

In Wyoming County, 6,598 ballots were cast out of 15,227 registered voters for an overall turnout of 43.33 percent (42.34 percent of Democrats and 43.83 percent of Republicans). Four years ago in 2016, 48.45 percent of Democrats and 62.5 percent of Republicans cast their ballots in Wyoming County.

U.S. President: REP: Donald Trump (3,819), Rocky delaFuente (91), Bill Weld (245), write-in 107.

U.S. President: DEM: Joseph Biden (1,617), Bernie Sanders (363), Tulsi Gabbard (71), write-in (101).

!2th Congressional Dist: REP: Fred Keller (3,822), write-in (34).

12th Congressional Dist: DEM: Lee Griffin (1,755), write-in (37).

117th State House Dist: REP: Karen Boback (4,053), write-in (34).

117th State House Dist: DEM: Write-in (285).

Attorney General: REP: Heather Heidlebaugh (3,610), write-in (39).

Attorney General: DEM: Josh Shapiro (1,856), write-in (21).

Auditor General: REP: Timothy DeFoor (3,552), write-in (22).

Auditor General: DEM: Scott Conklin (238), Michael Lamb (238), Tracie Fountain (175), Rosie Marie Davis (380), Nina Ahmad (392), Christina Hartman (461).

State Treasurer: REP: Stacy Garrity (3,718), write-in (22).

State Treasurer: DEM: Joseph Torsella (1,801), write-in (24).

Delegate to Rep Natl Convention (vote for 3): Tina Pickett (2,888), Mark Harris (1,161), Dave Huffman (1,098), Donald Hoffman (1,066), Krystle Bristol (1,003), Carol Sides (961), Alan Hall (810), Todd Robatin (406), write-in (43).

Alt Delegate to Rep Natl Convention (vote for 3): Daniel Clark (2,642), Mary Hayes (2,164), Irene Harris (2,144), write-in (67).

Delegate to Dem Natl Convention (vote for 4): Nanci Rommel (1,418), Kimberly Hart (1,372), Keith Bierly (1,238), Rick Thomas (1,235), Rachel Delgrego (492), Caroline Ris (477), Danny Muldowney (362), Taran Samarth (351), write-in (47)

GOP Committeepersons (each precinct voted for 2)

Braintrim Twp: Frank Holdren 69, Bonnie Jayne 61.

Clinton Twp: Deborah Flynn 153, Beryl Jo Clark 134, write-in 2.

Eaton Twp: Write-in 19.

Exeter Twp: Rick Wilbur 95, Carol Bardzel 92.

Factoryville Boro Ward 1: Gregory Yunko 40, write-in 1.

Factoryville Borough Ward 2: Charles Wrobel 47, write-in 5.

Falls Twp: Write-in 7.

Forkston Twp: Write-in 8.

Laceyville Boro: Phillip Brewer 48, Randy Brigham 44.

Lemon Twp: Betsy Green 171, write-in 5.

Mehoopany Twp: Write-in 7.

Meshoppen Boro: Write-in 2.

Meshoppen Twp: Rebecca McClain 144, write-in 5.

Monroe Twp: Write-in 26.

Nicholson Boro: Albert Olive 76, Joan Jenkins 76, write-in 2.

Nicholson Twp: Kimberly Croasdale 168, Verne Croasdale 166, write-in 9.

North Branch Twp: Joseph Klingler 56, write-in 1.

Northmoreland Twp: William Weidner 182, Donna Spudis 181, write-in 6.

Noxen Twp: Write-in 4.

Overfield Twp: Write-in 11.

Tunkhannock Boro Ward 1: Write-in 9.

Tunkhannock Boro Ward 2: Charles Sands 70, write-in 2

Tunkhannock Boro Ward 3: Write-in 9.

Tunkhannock Boro Ward 4: Nancy Klimas 71, write-in 3.

Tunkhannock Twp Ward 1: Dennis Montross 386, Valerie Valvano 256.

Tunkhannock Twp Ward 2: Marge Krause 207, write-in 9.

Washington Twp: Sean Shea 184, write-in 5.

Windham Twp: David Smith 109, Lynn Smith 82.


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