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Izzy and Alex Borgeson shop at the outdoor book sale.

Friday will mark the end of the library’s summer programs, but the video programs will still be available on the library’s website, Facebook or YouTube page. Normally throughout the month of August, the library takes a break from programs after a full summer of them, but this year it will be featuring a virtual picnic storytime program every Wednesday. The free craft kits will continue to be offered at the library throughout the month of August, while supplies last. Patrons can call the library and schedule a curbside pickup time for these items.

Summer reading is almost over! Summer reading prizes will be available throughout the day July 31 from 10:15-3:30. Those unable to come and pick up their prizes on that day must call the library and schedule another time to pick them up. The reading must be logged no later than 4 p.m. on July 30. Don’t forget to log all that reading time!

The library will also be hosting a photo contest through August. Participants must share a picture on the library’s Facebook page meeting at least one of the following requirements: reading a TPL book, completing a TPL craft kit/program or visiting TPL (outside/backyard). A raffle ticket will be entered for every shared picture for a grand prize drawing on Aug. 31. The staff cannot wait to see some faces of patrons enjoying the library!

The library’s online resources have been a great asset throughout this time. Unfortunately, RB Digital, the vendor used for the eBooks service, is being acquired by a different company. Given the situation, the subscription is not able to be renewed. Effective Aug. 1, RB Digital will no longer be available for use. The library apologizes for this inconvenience.

Stop by and check out the library’s outdoor book sale. This week’s sale has been featuring a $5 bag-of-books special. Next week, the week of July 27, we will be continuing with the theme of $5 bag-of-books, but this time it will feature nonfiction titles. The sale takes place outside the front door of the library on Monday-Friday from 10:15-3:30 and Saturday from 10:15-1:30.

Items that were checked out before the closure of the library in March were due July 7, after an amnesty month was offered throughout the month of June. Patrons have been great at getting these items back to the library, but there are still 84 outstanding materials. Patrons still in possession of these items are asked to return them immediately as they are collecting fines. Please call the library if there are any questions regarding these materials.

Donations to the Memorial Book Fund were given in loving memory of Alan B. Flanagan by Pete and Debbie Orloski, Daniel Stroka and the Elias family.

A donation was made by Bob and Debbie Barkley in honor of Kristin Smith-Gary, Judy Cooper Flanagan and Pat Trowbridge for a well-deserved retirement.

Curbside hours are Monday-Friday 10:15-3:30 and summer Saturday hours 10:15-1:30. Contact the library by emailing TunkhannockLibraryDirector@gmail.com or by calling 570-836-1677. The library is a Wyoming County United Way grant recipient.

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