Tunkhannock Area High School held its virtual community awards ceremony for seniors on June 3.

Among the recipients announced:

ROTC Scholarship-Elizabeth DeMarco

Dwight R. Evans Memorial Scholarship-Madison Driscole

Anna Van Auken Memorial Scholarship-Isaac Clark, Michael Green and Rachel Kenia

Brenna McDonnell Memorial Scholarship-Madelyn Franko

Tammi Lynn Jervis-Reeves Memorial Scholarship-Jaime Occulto

Tom Jurista Memorial Scholarship-Jordan Smith

Howard and Geraldine Trauger Memorial Scholarships-Thomas Elias and Mary Grow

Ryan M. Shupp Foundation Scholarship-David Baltrusaitis and Paul Binner

Ambrose ‘Dutch’ Keller Award-Brett Sickler

Frank J. Valvano Memorial Scholarship-Sydney Williams

Jack Daniels Memorial Award-Kailyn Smith

Tunkhannock Class of ‘66 Scholarship-Hannah Zalewski

Holdredge-Sechrist Track Award-Trejon Turner and Dalton Yeust

Jason Rowlands Memorial Scholarship-Isaac Clark

Fred and Jeanne Kintner Memorial Scholarship-Jeremy Peck

Charles Edward ‘Coach’ Shaw Memorial Scholarship-Brett Sickler

Ron Hobbs Memorial Award-Elizabeth DeMarco

Tony Stanton Memorial Scholarship-Ethan Munley

Bryce Brown Memorial Scholarship-Isaac Clark and Jacoby Gilpin

TIGERTRONS 222 Scholarship sponsored by the American Legion Dennis Strong Post 457-David Berry

SSgt. Steven Tudor Memorial Scholarship-Kailyn Smith and David Baltrusaitis

NAPA Mile Hill Auto Parts Scholarships-Paul Binner and Gina Walsh

Tunkhannock Lions Club Scholarship-Joseph Kildare

Tunkhannock B.P.W. Fran Coleman Memorial Scholarship-Mary Grow

Tunkhannock Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship-Madison Nestor

Tunkhannock Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award-Sophie Burke

Women of the Moose Scholarships-Hannah Hughes and Rachel Martin

The Rought Hall American Legion Post 510 Scholarship-Isaac Clark and Logan Jennings

Procter & Gamble Foundation Scholarship-Paul Binner, Benjamin Clark, Elizabeth DeMarco and Jacoby Gilpin

Bob Crimmel Memorial Scholarship-Sophie Burke

James M. Desiderio Memorial Scholarship-Brett Sickler

Dr. Roger Place Memorial Scholarship-Jacob Keeler

Sandra M. Ide Memorial Scholarship-Sabine Moran

Tunkhannock Rotary Club Academic Scholarship-Sophie Burke

Tunkhannock Rotary Club Vocational Scholarship-Logan Jennings

Tunkhannock Rotary Club Youth Exchange Scholarship-Kayla Gavek

Dr. W. Dayton Shelly Memorial Scholarship-Isaac Clark

David Clark Memorial Scholarship-Matthew Lee

Rose Bruno Memorial Scholarship-Mary Grow

Christopher J. Packer Memorial Scholarships-Logan Jennings and Brydan Huff

Tunkhannock Area Education Association Scholarships-Bridget Frame, Ashley Griffin, Hanalee Nichols and Brett Sickler

Tunkhannock Area Educational Support Personnel Association Scholarship-David Berry

Joseph Dohrer Scholarship Award-Joseph Kildare

Frances and Marion Wright Scholarship-Hannah Zalewski

Damon S. Young Memorial Scholarships-Paul Binner and Isaac Clark

Factoryville Sportsmen’s Club Fred Loch Memorial Scholarship-Madeylyn Franko

Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship-Curtiss Gay

Tunkhannock Indoor Soccer League Scholarships-Jaxson Montross and Madison Nestor

Guthrie Health Profession Scholarship-Elizabeth DeMarco

Joan Carter Beane Scholarship-Sophie Burke

Matthew Van Fleet Memorial Scholarship-Jeremy Peck

Elizabeth Cadwalader Stoddart Scholarship-Mary Grow

Dr. Karen Boback Community Service Award-Brett Sickler

Russell Faux Sr. Honorable Scholarship-Hannah Zalewski

Tunkhannock Tigers Pink Out Scholarship-Sabine Moran

Coombs Family Memorial Scholarship through Luzerne County Head Start-Nia Lowe-Shaffer

School awards included:

Joseph Dohrer Endowment Fund Award (Salutatorian)-Thomas Elias

Tunkhannock Area High School Scholarship Award (Valedictorian)-Rani Shrivastava

Senior Band Awards-Noah Birdsall, Hailey Buckley, Devan Clark, Caleb Cornell, Thomas Elias, Bridget Frame, Kayla Gavek, Curtiss Gay, Michael Green, Robert Jenkins, Bradley Keeler, Jacob Keeler, Rachel Kenia, Ava Kidd, Robert Miroslaw, Madison Nestor, Hanalee Nichols, Samantha Shygelski, Jordan Smith, Victoria VanArtsdalen, Sarah Wickizer

John Philip Sousa Award-Hanalee Nichols

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award- Michael Green

Band Director’s Awards-Caleb Cornell, Robert Jenkins and Rachel Kenia

Leonard Bernstein Award-Thomas Elias

Senior Choral Awards’Abigail Babik, Breezy Corker, Charisma Fell, Dennis Gilson, Maxine Heft, Alexis Hutchins, Rachel Kenia, Emily Nichols, Hanalee Nichols, Emily Stanski, Jana Vlckova, Hannah Zalewski

Most Valuable Senior Choral Award-Rachel Kenia

Orange & Black Spirit Award-Hannah Zalewski

Choral Director’s Award-Charisma Fell and Hanalee Nichols

Environmental Science Award-Jordan Smith

Life Science Award-Madison Driscole

Chemistry Awards-Bridget Frame and Mackayla Quick

Physics Awards-Thomas Elias and Rani Shrivastava

Senior Art Awards-Breezy Corker, Rachel Kenia and Ariel Vikara

Permanent Art Collection Awards-Sophie Burke, Breezy Corker, Ashley Griffin, Mary Grow, Rachel Kenia, Jaime Occulto, Ariel Vikara, Hannah Zalewski

Spanish Awards- Gold medal winner: Sydney Williams; Silver Medal winner: Elizabeth DeMarco; Bronze winner: Hanalee Nichols

Social Studies Awards-Bradley Keeler and Kaitlin Pasternak

Math Awards-Thomas Elias, Hanalee Nichols and Rani Shrivastava

English Award-Thomas Elias

Creative Writing Award-Courtney Yuhas

Journalism Awards-Kieran Bedford and Madison Nestor

Excellence in Speech and Debate Award-Isaac Clark

Outstanding Achievement in Theatre Awards-Breezy Corker and Hannah Zalewski

Business Program of Study Recognition-Michael Astegher, David Evans, Jake Frisco, Amanda Kaufman, Bradley Keeler, Stanley Lipisko, Nia Lowe-Shaffer, Jaxson Montross, Matthew Morone, Jaren Robinson and Dalton Yeust

Future Business Leader of America Award-Michael Astegher

Business Department Business Success Award-Jaren Robinson

Business Department Academic Achievement Award Jaxson Montross

National Business Honor Society Jake Frisco, Bradley Keeler and Jaren Robinson

Howard Griggs Leadership Award-Jake Frisco

Family & Consumer Sciences Senior Recognition-Charisma Fell, Ashley Griffin, Sabrina Lombardo, Ethan Munley and Kinsey Petcavage

Automotive Technology Excellence Award-Jeremy Peck

Architecture Senior Recognition-Michael Prebola

Electronics Senior Recognition-David Berry

Graphic Communications and Print Shop Senior Recognition-Devan Clark and Hannah Zalewski

Wood Tech Senior Recognition-Jacob Hawley, Alex McCarty and Alexander Yadlosky

Welding Tech Senior Recognition-Curtiss Gay, Hugh Murphy and Wyatt Nonnemacher

Networking Senior Recognition-David Berry

School-To-Career Senior Recognition-David Berry, Logan Jennings and Olivia Greenley

Transition Work Program Senior Recognition- Maxine Heft and Victoria VanArtsdalen

Among the Athletic Awards:

PIAA Student Scholar Athlete Awards-Elizabeth DeMarco and Jaxson Montross

Steven C. Altenhain Memorial Scholarship-David Baltrusaitis

Tara Sheridan Memorial Swim Award-Alexis Hutchins

Tunkhannock Booster Club Awards-Rylee Bartron, Isaac Clark, Gavin D’Amato, Ava Kidd, Rani Shrivastava

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