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Top instrumental students from across Wyoming County performed Nov. 6 at the County Band Festival at Lackawanna Trail High School where Kevin Dikeman was host director.

Other schools participating included Blue Ridge, Elk Lake, Forest City, Montrose, Mountain View, Susquehanna Community and Tunkhannock Area.

The Senior High Band was under the direction of Vincent LoRusso, Blue Ridge band director.

The performance included the following selections: ‘West Salem Winds’ by Ed Huckeby, ‘Sprach Zarathustra’ arr. by Robert Longfield, ‘Africa’ arr. ny Paul Lavender, ‘The Thunderer’ by John Philip Sousa, and ‘Australian up-Country Tune’ by Percy Aldridge Grainger

Senior high participants included:

Elk Lake: Elizabeth Rothwell, Emma Chotkowski, Jeremy Quinnan, Todd Snyder, Reese Warriner, Doug Priestner, Dan Warholic, Olivia Voll, Ben Werle, Justice Johnson, and Terrence Brozonis.

Lackawanna Trail: Abby Dalton, Maggie Reppa, Mason Zajac, Cora Rivera, Jordan Spencer, Tia Brooks, Elonna Spencer, Samantha Thomas, Kayla Wood, Rachel Saxton, Noah Stuenzi, Coleman Wohlken, and Jacqueline Schneider.

Tunkhannock Area: Rebecca Mock, Jacob Powers, Jacob Lance, Emma Moran, Keiran Curley, Caleb Cornell, Michael Green, Madeline West, Ethan Childress, Caroline Reynolds, Sarah Chapla, Samantha Warring, Cayley Goble, Emily Wojnarski, Emily Poole, Paige Zon, Devan Clark, Riley Simmons, James Mikus, Nathan Myers, Robert Jenkins, and Dan Roote.

Junior High participants performed the following selections:

Forest City’s John Scavone directed ‘Espana Cani’ on an arrangement by Michael Story.

Mountain View’s Mason Stiver directed ‘Music for the Queens Court’ by Mekel Rogers.

Elk Lake’s Kathleen Amabile directed ‘Irish Jig For Young Feet’ by Travis Weller.

Tunkhannock Area’s Kevin Kreinberg directed ‘Dark Ride’ by Randall Standridge

Tunkhannock Area’s Ken Luckey directed ‘Jazzoo’ by David Shaffer.

Junior high participants included:

Elk Lake: Sierra Grant, Haley Chotkowski, Mackenzie Conboy, Paxton Diljak, Mitchell Delano, Mason Johnson, Cayden Stephens, Samantha Andrejack, Erin Herman, Mackenzie Strohl, Dylan Sharer, Alan Carey, Cohen Farrell, and Jeff Werle.

Lackawanna Trail: Danielle Ainey, Gretchen Rejrat, Kadence Spencer, Sammy Duffy, Kaylee Graham, Nathan Wright, Zoey Wright, and Deana Wilhelm.

Tunkhannock Area: Molly Keiser, Olivia Myers, Jack Welles, Noah Race, Owen Leidy, Lauren Bulkley, Paige Adams, Sarah Kovolenus, Aiden Montross, Will Lupinski, Bryce Miller, Maria Cannella, Emalyn Westfield, Logan Krause, Ethan Dominick, Aiden West, Anthony Williams, Olivia Drost, Olivia Smith, Megan Rickaby, Sarah Bulkley, Taryn Ostir, Alexis Harding, Mackenzie Dillon, Piper Robinson, Meia VanHouten, Keegan Franko, Dayton Kandrovy, Mike Macasieb, Greg Stapelton, Scott Wickizer, and Vanessa Mock.