Last week, Nicholson resident Cynthia Stevens noticed her yard sign supporting 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was missing.

She wasn’t alone.

In total, she estimates that someone took eight to 10 Biden signs from yards in her neighborhood at once. Through her role with the Democratic Committee in Nicholson, she contributed to the purchase of 500 signs for local supporters.

“This was trespassing and also theft,” Stevens said. “I’m quite upset about it. The fact that none of the Trump-Pence signs were disturbed makes it surmisable who the perpetrators were.”

Over the weekend, she picked up a new batch of signs showing support for Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris.

“We can only hope they won’t be stolen,” Stevens said.

This issue of sign thefts isn’t exclusive to supporters of Democratic candidates.

Earlier this summer, Angela Valvano of Springville said her yard sign supporting incumbent President Donald Trump went missing. It said “Promises made, promises kept. Trump 2020.”

Like Stevens, Valvano mostly took issue with the fact that someone trespassed on her property and stole something.

“I just think someone drove by, didn’t like it and took it,” she said.

Second to that, Valvano said it’s tiring to see the hostility people have towards one another when it comes to differing political viewpoints. She believes everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

“I think we just need to respect each other. We can agree to disagree,” she said. “That’s the whole reason we live in the country we live in.”

Amy Clark of Factoryville, another sign theft victim, had similar thoughts.

A sign supporting the Black Lives Matter movement was taken from her yard, and its replacement eventually went missing. Then the next replacement disappeared, too. One time, she found her BLM sign thrown into the woods.

“It just really frustrated me that someone would come on to our property and take something,” she said. Being that she isn’t concerned about what others support, she doesn’t understand why someone would care that much about her beliefs.

“I’m not going to change my mind because they stole my sign,” she added.

Clark believes there’s a lot of hatred and divide in the country right now and encouraged people with opposing views to just communicate.

“If someone really wants to know why I support it or why anyone supports a movement they don’t, ask questions. Be open to changing your mind,” she said. “It’s OK to change your mind when you gather new information and learn things you didn’t know before.”

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