Every month, a group of ladies meets to share a unique talent that they all possess and to help out the community. That talent is quilting. This organization is called Stitch In Time Quilt Guild.

Stitch In Time is a group of 26 women that meet once a month to get together and share their quilting ideas and creations. Eileen Head serves as the 2020 president of Stitch In Time, and she is glad that even during uncertain times, friends can get together to share a hobby.

“We are a group that likes to quilt and teach different quilting techniques,” Head said. “We also like to get together and through our quilting help others. We’ve done workshops at Camp Archbald to teach the girls hand sewing. We’ve also done a quilt show at the Elk Lake elementary library.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has created some challenges for the group. It has not been able to meet at its usual place, Elk Lake elementary library. Instead the ladies have been meeting in the Perkins dining room in Tunkhannock.

Stitch In Time publicity coordinator Kim Evans said that the room is perfectly big enough to social distance for the amount of people who come to the meetings.

“Being in a school setting right now is not the greatest idea for the kids or for us,” Evans said. “We used to come to Perkins for our Christmas dinner every year, so we had established a relationship with them, and the dining room is a perfect size for an indoor gathering like ours.”

Every month, the ladies have a part of their meeting called “show and tell” where they share with other members the creations that they have sewed in the past month. They also tell some stories, secrets and tips about how they created their latest project.

One of the biggest ventures that Stitch In Time partakes in is charity work. The organization, has in the past, made quilts for the Wounded Warriors Foundation, and Quilts for Kids, which makes quilts for kids in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“We try to spread our talents around to everyone,” Head said. “In the past we have given to children’s hospitals, homeless shelters, this year the Wounded Warriors Foundation. We use this mission to help everyone.”

Even with a lot of their events, presentations and fundraisers canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Stitch In Time ladies are still trying to share their talents with each other as best as they can.

“Every month when we have our meeting, we share projects that we’re doing at home,” Head said. “I’ve recently learned five different ways to make a mask. You get to ask each other where are you getting your tape and stitches from. We also love to share fabric with each other. It’s a way to keep connected, and we continue to reach out to members who might not feel comfortable being around other people yet.”

If any quilters are interested in becoming a part of the A Stitch In Time Quilt Guild, they can email Eileen Head at head@epix.net.

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