This site off off Billings Mill Road, behind Shadowbrook, is where a wastewater treatment plant will be constructed over the next 12 months.

The Lemon Township Tunkhannock Township Sewer Authority, addressing a wastewater collection system for Lake Carey, met last Thursday, and addressed a couple of kinks.

Steve Rowe, a consultant for Larson Design Group which is overseeing the design work addressed a couple of engineering issues.

He said there was a question about right-of-way access to Penelec for the wastewater treatment plant that is currently undergoing site preparation on the north side of Billings Mill Road. Until the right-of-way issue is resolved Milnes will provide generators that will offer an on-site power source.

Rowe also noted a customer has made an extension request that was briefly discussed, with the added length possibly around 1,000 feet. No decision was made, but the discussion seemed to focus on extensions only allowed under 100 feet with longer than that probably requiring a special planning module.

Work will be beginning on the sewage collection line starting at Indian Springs Road around Jan. 25.

The treatment plant is projected to take a year to build while the collection system around Lake Carey a year and a half.

On Thursday, the authority okayed the paying out of $230,000 in invoices, the largest expense of $211,000 to Milnes which is overseeing the building of the treatment plant, secretary Becky Kilmer said.

As Thursday was also a reorganization meeting for the authority, 2021 looks to be much like 2020 with Veto Barziloski Jr. re-elected as chairman of the sewer authority.

Kilmer said if anyone wants to stay abreast of the project’s progress, they can visit the authority’s website at at

She can also be reached at 570-836-0514 or email

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