When Jaqueline Kliamovich and Elaine Dembowski, of Noxen, heard that Aldi’s was coming to Tunkhannock, they both had the same reaction. “It’s about time.”

“I was counting down the days,” Kliamovich said. “The past couple months, I have even been emailing Aldi’s management asking when it was going to open. I’m glad that the day is finally here.”

As the anticipation of the opening has been going on for months now, drives past the construction site were becoming part of the routine for both ladies.

“We have watched every step of the construction process,” Dembowski said. “We would call each other and freak out when we would see the walls going up or even the parking lot going in. You might even call us Aldi’s crazy.”

After putting in a quarter for a shopping cart, the trip around the store started. The first destination was the produce department, one thing that Aldi’s prides itself on is the qualities of their produce, something both ladies agree with.

“I bought spinach three weeks ago at the Aldi’s in Kingston, I just opened it and it’s still fresh,” Demboski said. “You don’t find that at other grocery stores, their produce is awesome.”

As the walk around the store continued, the aisles were jammed with people taking on the Aldi’s shopping experience. While also selling name brand items, Aldi’s features its own brand of some items. One thing that gets Kliamovich’s eye on these items, is the prices.

“The prices, freshness, the quality of the food, all of it is awesome,” Kliamovich said. “I can come here for things like bread, salsa, chips, even ice cream. Whether I’m looking to get a big grocery order, or even just some snacks, I’m going to be coming here.”

The shopping trip then ventured over to the freezer section, where the freezers were newly stocked with beef, pork, chicken and poultry. The ladies both lauded about the organization of the freezer section and just the aisles in general.

“Everything is clearly labeled, you don’t even have to be going around asking where everything is because it’s right above on that section of the freezer,” Kliamovich said. “I’ve been at other stores where you didn’t know where anything was, not here.”

When the shopping spree was over, it was time to go pay. Although the store was crowded, the checkout lines were moving at a good pace.

Plexiglass dividers are set up between the customer and the cashier because of precautions taken by the COVID-19 pandemic. Kilamovich and Demboski would both put their items up on the counter to be scanned, and then pay by sliding cash in a small divider in the plexiglass shield, trying to make the checkout process as contactless as possible.

When the ladies returned to their vehicle, they loaded their new Aldi’s shopping bags into the trunk, and of course got their quarter back when they returned the cart.

Both ladies say this will be the first of many trips to the new store.

“I’ll be making weekly appearances here,” Kliamovich said. “I’m so relieved because I don’t have to drive down to Kingston anymore. I can drive 10 minutes down the road and do all my Aldi’s shopping here.”

Kliamovich also said that the new store can bring a jobs and monetary boost to the Tunkhannock area.

“I feel like it’s going to be a big boost for our economy,” Kliamovich said. “It increases the tax base, brings new jobs. There’s a lot of excitement from the community.”

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