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It’s going to cost a bit more this year for Tunkhannock Township to provide the necessary matching funds for its uniformed pension plan.

Township Secretary Judy Gingher reported at the supervisors’ meeting on Tuesday that the township’s contribution to the police department’s pension plan will be $102,237 - an increase of $16,388 over last year.

The reason for the increase, Gingher explained, is the police payroll also went up from $258,180 to $342,180. One reason is that for part of last year, Chief Edward Morristell was functioning as a sergeant, drawing less pay before his promotion. The township also hired another full-time officer in the past year.

State aid provided last year to assist the township in making its contribution was $52,495, Gingher said. The township has not yet received any money from the state for this year’s contribution.

For the non-union pension plan, the township’s contribution this year is $2,559.

During, public comments Judy Petras addressed concerns about the security proceeds and requirements of groups permitted by the township to use Lazybrook Park.

Petras explained that a incident occurred at her residence - located near Lazybrook Park - on Saturday which sparked her concern.

Around 9:45 p.m., Petras said, she and her husband observed a man with no shirt walking on their property and singing. The man eventually walked up onto the porch and tried to get in the door, saying “Honey, let me in.”

The police were called, and Petras commended the authorities for their quick response time, saying that eight cruisers from the state and local police arrived at the scene. By this time, though, the man had left the area, but was picked up a short time later at another location.

Petras said she has no evidence that the man was attending the Cornstock Folk Festival being held at Lazybrook Park at the time, but believes it is a very good possibility. She expressed concern about those living near the park, pointing out that many are families with young children. She also pointed out the man was a danger to himself because he could have been struck by a vehicle on the highway.

Supervisor Randy White said that there are guidelines in place that groups renting the park are expected to follow. They are required to provide their own security and make certain that order is maintained.

In other business:

*The supervisors received a report from the Wyoming County Planning Commission that Miller’s Auto Repair on Mile Road has submitted plans for a new garage.

*The Wyoming County Planning Commission also provided information on a proposed subdivision for Rice’s farm. The Wyoming County Conservation District is in the process of purchasing property on the farm, requiring the subdivision.

*The Department of Environmental Protection informed the township that water quality permits have been approved for the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project.

*The supervisors received a communication from the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors, indicating that the advertising requirement for sale of personal property amount has been raised from $1,000 to $2,000.