There are big plans for 2021 in Nicholson Borough. The Nicholson Revitalization Committee is planning multiple improvement projects to brighten up the streets of the borough, and make it look like old times again.

Nicholson borough council and revitalization committee member Joan Jenkins said that the committee is adopting a slogan that was used back in the 1960’s for all of the year’s projects.

“In 1960 they had a slogan called ‘clean up, fix up, paint up’ that we are going to use,” Jenkins said. “We are trying to get the whole town involved with helping out, including all of the local businesses, to make Nicholson look like it’s thriving again.”

The biggest part of the revitalization project will be the finishing of the renovations of the 150-year old Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad Station on Route 11. The historic building will be turned into the Nicholson Tourism Center at the Historic DL&W Railroad Station.

Jenkins expects the finishing of the renovations to bring a lot of visitors to the area, which is why working on other sections of the borough, has become a priority as well.

“We want to make this town look like it’s really bustling again like it was back in the old days,” Jenkins said. “I’ve lived here my whole life, and when people come to see the train station or the bridge, we want them to be able to look at the other parts of town as well, and think, this is a great area too.”

The revitalization committee already has two big plans for the business section of Nicholson. The Nicholson Fire Company building on Main Street will be getting renovations done to the building. Some sidewalks in the borough will also be getting paved starting in the spring. Both of these projects will be big upgrades to the business section of the borough on Main Street, but the committee doesn’t want to stop there.

“The goal of the revitalization committee is to have as many public properties fixed up as possible, and maybe even get some buildings repainted,” Jenkins said. “The people of Nicholson have been very supportive of all these projects that we’re doing, and so have the businesses.”

Jenkins said the people of Nicholson have already started to get involved. For the first time the borough had a Christmas tree that was put up in the business district. Fernwood Auto Sales, a car dealership in the borough, provided the generator that gave electricity for the lights.

Although making Nicholson a nice place for visitors to the train station and Nicholson Bridge is a priority, it’s not the overall goal of the revitalization committee.

“The committee and borough council wants to make Nicholson a better place, and more appealing to everyone,” Jenkins said. “We want people to come here, and think of Nicholson as a place they would want to live and raise a family. This little town was once a thriving place and we want it to look like that again.”

The Nicholson Revitalization Committee will continue to meet at various points throughout the year, and take suggestions from the public as to what they would like to see done throughout the borough.

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