Are you new to Nicholson? If you are new to town and would like to get involved in helping better your community, there are many opportunities available to you. If you are new to our area and a woman, you can reach out to the Nicholson Women’s Club. This is a group of local women from Nicholson and surrounding areas who put on many events and who serve our youth and community. For more information, visit

Another option to look into if you love history is the Nicholson Heritage Association, a great non-profit organization dedicated to the historical preservation of our beautiful little town, they also provide events and other community-related resources. For more information, visit

I would say one of the best opportunities available though is to serve on our local fire company. The Nicholson Fire Company is always recruiting and in addition to fighting fires and protecting our community you can also serve our fire company by helping organize and market events and volunteer for other community-related projects. For more information, visit

A great way to keep informed with what is happening in your community is by attending our borough council meetings. The Nicholson Borough council meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 6 p.m. Located just past Nicholson Lumber on Main Street. And if you can’t attend you can still check out the meeting minutes online thanks to Josh Stull.

Josh volunteers a lot of his free time to our community; he serves on the Nicholson Heritage Association, helps administrate our online community group, and has created this wonderful resource for everyone, please check out

And, of course, another great resource for those new to the community is to subscribe to this newspaper.

Attention parents of Lackawanna Trail High School students: If you have a student in 9th-12th grade who is interested in playing basketball for the 2020-2021 season, please contact Coach Domiano as soon as possible. Text or email student name, grade, and contact information. Text information to: 570-499-2413, email information to:

Happy birthday to Melissa Thomas, Gail Wydeen, Barb Mcguigan, Mike Stevens, Jeremy Holgate, Harry Faux, Bryce VanFleet, and Collette Schuler!

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