Nicholson Borough officials want to address area properties in poor condition, but acknowledged it isn’t an easy task.

“I know it’s going to be difficult but we have to do something,” said Nicholson Borough Council member Joan Jenkins.

During council’s meeting on Sept. 8, Jenkins brought up concerns about the Farmers’ Supply building in Nicholson, saying its exterior conditions have been getting “worse and worse.” She asked if there’s any actions council could take.

“It’s just an eyesore,” she said.

Mayor Charlie Litwin said it can be a “slippery slope” to address these properties and asked why there aren’t other residents coming to voice concerns.

“The people in town just don’t think the borough council does anything,” council member John Bower replied. He agreed that while it’s a slippery slope, they need to start somewhere. “We need to do something to preserve the town.”

Jenkins agreed to look into grant opportunities for neighborhood revitalization, which Bower said could give property owners a solution instead of just a problem.

Later, Solicitor Paul Litwin spoke to council more about the topic in executive session.

Bower also asked council if there’s any interest in starting a community garden in Nicholson. Dawn Bell, council president, said it isn’t a good idea because there’s the risk of people being initially enthusiastic, but then abandoning the garden and leaving a mess.

In the past, Bower suggested someone in Nicholson should start a civics league. He brought up the idea again, saying that other towns with civics leagues like Factoryville have great things happening.

“There doesn’t seem to be much community involvement,” he said of Nicholson.

In other business, Nicholson Borough Manager Jessica Bower said this year’s county aid disbursement is $922.22, a decrease from last year. She asked council members to think about any projects or purchases the money could go toward.

She also read the report for August from the Dalton Borough Police Department, sharing that officers patrolled 1,570 miles over 112 hours in Nicholson. They issued eight traffic citations, 25 traffic warnings and filed charges against five individuals.

Council also approved spending $50 for Bower to attend a QuickBooks budgeting class at the end of this month, with John Bower abstaining. She said the tentative 2021 budget will be introduced next month.

Council members David Noakes and John Decker were absent.

Nicholson Borough Council is scheduled to meet again on Monday, Oct. 5 at 6 p.m.

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