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STAFF PHOTO/C.J. MARSHALL Sam Parlopiano Jr. shows the ‘Tunkhannock,’ the latest cheesesteak creation available at Samario’s Restaurant in Tunkhannock and Scranton.

Photo: N/A, License: N/A

Samario’s Restaurant unveiled it’s latest cheesesteak sub creation recently, dubbed ‘Tunkhannock.’ Made with fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and ranch dressing, it is the 31st sub created by Samario’s for its cheesesteak station.

Tunkhannock has the distinction of being the latest community named in honor of Samario’s Pizzeria line of famous cheesesteak subs.

Last Wednesday, Samario’s unveiled ‘Tunkhannock,’ a cheesesteak sub that incorporates fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and ranch dressing.

“We decided to make a new cheesesteak sub in recognition of our one year anniversary in Tunkhannock,” explained Sam Parlopiano Jr., who, along with his brother Mario and their father Sam Sr., operate Samario’s Pizzaria at locations in Tunkhannock and Scranton.

Chicken bacon wrap and ranch dressing have proved so popular at the Tunkhannock restaurant, Sam Parlopiano Jr. decided to blend it in with a cheese steak, creating a new recipe.

The ‘Tunkhannock’ is the 31st addition to Samario’s cheesesteak station. In addition to the traditional ‘Philly Cheesesteak’ folks can try the ‘Penn State,’ ‘Pittsburgh,’ ‘Notre Dame,’ ‘Maine,’ ‘California,’ and others.

Colleges are the inspiration for the names of most of the subs.

“I’m a big sports fan,” Sam Parlopiano Jr. explained. “So I named them after colleges like Penn State.”

Many times, he said, people who come into the restaurant for the first time are delighted when they find their alma mater represented on the cheesesteak station menu.

Parlopiano said he got the idea of creating different types of cheesesteak subs right after he got out of college. A big fan of cheesesteaks, Parlopiano set about working with different combinations to create a variety of subs not usually available in a single restaurant. His family allowed him to experiment in an attempt to come up with something new.

“It’s kind of like a lab process,” he said. “You get the ingredients and you try different things. Some combinations will taste better than others.”

Parlopiano will try the combinations on family and friends, as well as himself, testing and re-testing to get it right.

One other factor which helps Samario’s cheesesteaks stand out is the restaurant uses a special shaved meat.

“We have the steaks shaved a certain way just for us, which produces a one-of-a kind blend of meat,” Parlopiano explained.

The cheesesteak station has gone over very well, both in Tunkhannock and Scranton.

“The Penn State cheesesteak is number one, by a large margin,” he said.

With its combination of steak, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, fries, hot sauce, and bleu cheese, it’s easy to see why the Penn State is so popular. Each cheesesteak sub offered by Samario’s is unique – often reflecting the food that is popular in the geographic area of the college it is named after.

As an example, Parlopiano said that the Pittsburgh cheesesteak – named after the University of Pittsburgh – has coleslaw, which is a favorite of the area.

Although the name of the Tunkhannock cheesesteak is bit of an exception for Samario’s, Parlopiano is excited that it is being introduced at the same time the Tunkhannock All-Star Major Girls are competing in the Little League Softball World Series.

“We’re all very proud of them, and we support them all the way,” he said about the team.