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The following is an official vote tally of all those who received votes in the May 21 primary. Write-ins do not include those who only got one vote. An asterisk appears next to those who will likely appear on the November ballot.

Boroughs and Townships

BRAINTRIM: Republican: Supervisor: David P. Heller (37 write-ins).

Democrat: Supervisor: David P. Heller (11 write-ins).

CLINTON: Republican: Supervisor: Paul Corby, 150.

Democrat: Supervisor: Paul Corby (3 write-ins).

EATON: Republican: Auditor(6yrs): Evelyn Dana, 236. Supervisor: Mark A. Novak, 73; Kenny White, 192.

Democrat: Auditor(6yrs): Evelyn Dana (7 write-ins). Supervisor: Kenny White (10 write-ins).

EXETER: Republican: Auditor(6yrs): Mark Reeses (4 write-ins). Auditor (4yrs): Leanne G. Hopkins, 105. Auditor (2yrs): William D. Hopkins, 12. Supervisor (6yrs): Bobby Montross, 98. Supervisor(4yrs): Carol Bardzel, 111.

FACTORYVILLE: Republican: Councilman, Ward 1: Dan Engler (16 write-ins), Dave Truitt (15 write-ins), Greg Yunko (21 write-ins).

FALLS: Republican: Supervisor: Luke Franko, 104; Roy Landsiedel, 201. Constable: Cody Stanco, 243.

Democrat: Supervisor: Luke Franko (7 write-ins); Roy Landsiedel (12 write-ins). Constable: Mike Hardy (2 write-ins).

FORKSTON: Republican: Auditor (6yrs): Monica Denison, 59. Auditor (4yrs): Chantel Bennett, 52.

Democrat: Supervisor: William H. Severcool Jr., 25; Frank Miner (2 write-ins).

LACEYVILLE: Republican: Auditor (6yrs): Andrea Robinson, 56. Councilman: Carl Gowin (3 write-ins), Christopher Shaffer (2 write-ins); Kristy Fassett (21 write-ins), Randy Brigham (3 write-ins), Thor Trowbridge (3 write-ins); Donald Vandermark (3 write-ins). Tax collector: Kara Brigham (4 write-ins), Kara Davis (4 write-ins).

Democrat: Councilman: Kristy Fassett (4 write-ins);

LEMON: Republican: Auditor(6yrs): Phyllis Leslie (2 write-ins). Auditor(4yrs): Catherine Barber (2 write-ins). Supervisor: Robert Sickler, 176; Dave Drouse (3 write-ins).

Democrat: Supervisor: Robert Sickler (2 write-ins).

MEHOOPANY: Republican: Auditor (6yrs): Eugene Adams Sr. (4 write-ins). Supervisor: D. Loren Day, 156. Constable: Darrel Sands (35 write-ins).

Democrat: Constable: Darrel Sands (8 write-ins).

MESHOPPEN BORO: Republican: Councilman: Cindy Cona, 35; Chris Baker (2 write-ins), Doris Pickett (12 write-ins); Michael Lloyd (10 write-ins); Michael Voorhees (14 write-ins; Nathaaniel Sheldon (3 write-ins). Mayor: Bruce Marshall, 35.

Democrat: Councilman: Cindy Cona (3 write-ins); Doris Pickett (2 write-ins); Michael Loyd (2 write-ins); Michael Voorhees (2 write-ins). Mayor: Bruce Marshall (3 write-ins).

MESHOPPEN TWP: Republican: Auditor (6yrs): Jennifer O’Brien (2 write-ins). Auditor (2yrs): Jennifer O’Brien (2 write-ins). Supervisor: Joe Sternick, 107; David Jennings (2 write-ins).

MONROE: Republican: Auditor (6yrs): Leon Sidorek (2 write-ins). Supervisor: Charles Dale Wright, 204.

Democrat: Supervisor: Charles Dale Wright (5 write-ins).

NICHOLSON BORO: Republican: Councilman: Albert William Olive, 62; John R. Bower, 70; David Noakes (15 write-ins).

Democrat: Councilman: Albert Olive (2 write-ins), John Bower (2 write-ins), Cody Scott (2 write-ins), Dave Noakes (3 write-ins).

NICHOLSON TWP: Republican: Supervisor: Verne Croasdale, 130; William Smith, 48.

Democrat: Supervisor: Verne Croasdale (8 write-ins), William Smith (5 write-ins).

NORTH BRANCH: Republican: Auditor (6yrs): Hannah Ferris (3 write-ins). Supervisor: Timothy Poole, 35.

Democrat: Supervisor: Timothy Poole (3 write-ins).

NORTHMORELAND: Republican: Auditor (6yrs): Shirley Marie Wall, 200. Supervisor: William L. Wagner, 187; Charles Story (3 write-ins); Harold Brown (9 write-ins); William Weidner (2 write-ins).

Democrat: Supervisor: William L. Wagner (13 write-ins).

NOXEN: Republican: Supervisor: David Hettesheimer, 72; C. Thomas Norris (6 write-ins); Kevin May (2 write-ins).

Democrat: Supervisor: Thomas Norris (3 write-ins).

OVERFIELD: Republican: Supervisor: John Walsh, 117; Gerald Fritsch Jr., 110. Constable: Michael Hardy (60 write-ins).

Democrat: Supervisor: John Walsh (33 write-ins), Gerry Fritsch (17 write-ins). Constable: Michael Hardy (33 write-ins).

TUNKHANNOCK BORO: Republican: Councilman, Ward 1: Dan Gay (3 write-ins). Councilman, Ward 2: Benjamin Barziloski, 100. Constable, Ward 2: Steven Redding, 100. Councilman (4yrs), Ward 3: Ruth A. Vincenti, 55. Councilman (2yrs), Ward 3: Dave Wiggins, 56. Councilman, Ward 4: Marshall R. Davis, 28; Ronald Coolbaugh, 51. Constable, Ward 4: Jeff Cox (4 write-ins).

Democrat: Councilman, Ward 2: Ben Barziloski (3 write-ins); Constable, Ward 2: Steven Redding (2 write-ins); Councilman, Ward 4: Marshall Davis (4 write-ins).

TUNKHANNOCK TWP: Republican: Auditor (6yrs): Linda Stacknick, 573. Supervisor: Glenn Ace Shupp, 556; Kathleen Goeringer (2 write-ins); Tammy Balewski (2 write-ins).

Democrat: Auditor (6yrs): Judy Shupp (2 write-ins), Doug Walters (2 write-ins), Linda Stacknick (2 write-ins). Auditor (4yrs): Judy Shupp (2 write-ins); Supervisor: Glenn Shupp (3 write-ins).

WASHINGTON: Republican: Auditor (4yrs): Deborah Carichner, 193. Auditor (2yrs): Carl Grabner, 189. Supervisor: Daniel Huff, 186. Constable: Darrin Chesner, 187.

Democrat: Auditor (6yrs): Katelynn Nichols (3 write-ins).

WINDHAM: Republican: Supervisor (6yrs): Stephen H. Grow Jr., 127. Supervisor (2yrs): Michael Stabinsky (3 write-ins). Constable: Corey Comstock (9 write-ins).

Democrat: Supervisor (6yrs): Michael Stabinsky (4 write-ins); Stephen Grow (2 write-ins). Supervisor (2yrs): Michael Stabinsky (3 write-ins). Constable: Corey Comstock (3 write-ins).