As of June 9 at noon, Wyoming County has 35 cases of COVID-19 and seven deaths.

Statewide, there are 76,436 total cases, with 6,014 deaths. To date, 459,248 tests have returned negative.

The following are cases in Wyoming County (and neighboring counties that share zip code):

Tunkhannock (18657): 14 confirmed, 292 not a case

Factoryville (18419): 6 confirmed, 106 not a case

Nicholson (18446): 8 confirmed, 64 not a case

Mehoopany (18629): 0 confirmed, 32 not a case

Laceyville (18623): 0 confirmed, 67 not a case

  • Meshoppen (18630): 1-4 confirmed, 67 not a case

Falls (18615): 5 confirmed, 46 not a case

Dalton: (18414): 13 confirmed, 148 not a case

  • Noxen (18636): 1-4 confirmed, 28 not a case

Harveys Lake (18618): 5 confirmed, 83 not a case

Dallas (18612): 27 confirmed, 506 not a case

The Pennsylvania Department of Health redacts exact figures for areas with fewer than five confirmed cases. Some zip codes overlap into surrounding counties.

Cases by county and zip code, as well as other resources related to COVID-19, are available online at


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