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Following flooding which damaged sections of Laceyville on Oct. 2, the borough council decided on Monday to look into the possibility of making improvements to certain sections of the borough’s storm water system.

During the Streets Committee report, Council President Randy Brigham said that Oct. 2 was the fifth flash flood to hit the area this past summer.

Helping out during the recent flooding, the council president said he found five drain plugged with debris.

Main Street was recently patched from a previous flood, he continued, but the patch was destroyed during the Oct. 2 flood.

Part of the problem, Brigham explained, is sections of the storm water system use 30-inch pipes which shift at a right angle into 13-inch pipes.

Brigham said the borough has been working with P. Joseph Lehman Associates, an engineering firm in Allentown, to study the situation and provide possible solutions to the problem.

Previously, he said, the borough handled each situation on a case-by-case basis, to handle flood problems whenever an emergency occurred. But it has gotten to the point where the borough must take corrective measures before a flood occurs, he said. Whenever flooding occurs, it costs between $700 to $1,000 to repair the damage.

The engineers studied the situation, and four problem spots in the borough have been identified. Two of them, Brigham said, have to be addressed as soon as possible - the intersection of Old Route 6 and Second Street; and portions of East Main Street.

The two other sections that have major issues are Orchard Terrace and Washout Lane, which are receiving water and dirt from over 100 acres of adjacent property; and Lacey Street.

Due to cost prohibitions, the borough will only consider improvements to the first two areas in 2019, Brigham said. Council is now working on the 2019 budget, and will take those projects into consideration for a major allocations of funds.

The president estimated that it will cost between $5,000 to $13,000 to pay to survey both the sites, which will help determine what renovations will be required to make the necessary improvements.

Council voted to purchase a used storage container from Craig Fulmer of Montoursville for $2,600. The container - essentially a box trailer - will be used to store tools and other equipment. The borough currently stores such items in several locations, making it difficult to keep track of everything.

Council also voted to award a contract to D.R. Brown’s Hauling to provide snow removal in the borough at $100 an hour.

During the police report, Chief Kevin Costello said he responded to 53 incidents in the borough in September.

Those responses included: 1 recovered stolen item; 2 assisting another law enforcement agency; 1 assist ambulance; 1 phone scam; 2 removing roadway hazards; 1 warrant service from a traffic stop; 2 suspicious vehicles; 4 suspicious persons; 3 checking on the welfare of residents; 1 suspicious activity; 1 arrest - charged with simple assault and terroristic threats; 10 traffic citations; 13 verbal warnings, traffic and non-traffic combined; 3 assist motorists; 4 assist pedestrians; and 3 assist public.

Brigham asked Costello if he would make regular checks of the baseball field from time to time.

It was also reported that the borough has received a grant to replace the bridge that spans Franklin Street in the borough. The bridge has been deemed unsafe and has been closed for the past several months.

Brigham said will fund 100 percent of the replacement cost, but there is a catch. The borough has to pay for an on-site inspector during the project.

Such an inspector can cost as high as approximately $75,000 - although the borough can save money if it can hire someone locally to do the job, he said.

Brigham also reported that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been reassessing the area, due to the recent flooding. Maps have been posted in the borough office, showing new areas that could be determined to be in flood plains. Residents are urged to study to the maps, he said, to see if they agree with the proposals.

In other business:

*Council announced that the Laceyville Library is seeking a new librarian.

*Halloween will be celebrated in the borough on Oct. 27, from 4 to 9 p.m.

*It was reported that the estimated share of the borough’s liquid fuels allocation will be $13,985.