The following have been selected for Jury Duty on Aug. 17, 2020, in the Wyoming County Court of Common Pleas in Tunkhannock:

Laurie Jo Ansen, Noxen Twp.; Robert J. Aten, Clinton Twp.; Dustin Babcock, Overfield Twp.; David J. Ball, Monroe Twp.; Carol A. Bardzel, Exeter Twp.; Elizabeth J. Bates, Falls Twp.; Robert Belcher, Lemon Twp.; David Bennett, Eaton Twp.; Brett Bitler, Overfield Twp.; Jerome Bogedin, Tunkhannock Boro; Stephen A. Borgeson, Monroe Twp.; Ryan Bracey, Tunkhannock Twp.; Laura Brightmon, Meshoppen Boro; Phyllis Brown, Windham Twp.; Karrie Buckrham, Noxen Twp.; Michelle Bush, Overfield Twp.; John Caines, Meshoppen Twp.; Tami Capitano, Exeter Twp.; Kenneth John Carlson, Clinton Twp.; Lisa K. Castanaro, Exeter Twp.; Bryan Chapman, Forkston Twp.; Epie C. Church, Washington Twp.; Jeff H. Clark, Overfield Twp.; Cynthia M. Colvin, Nicholson Twp.; Doug Cook, Monroe Twp.; Elizabeth L. Creeden, Tunkhannock Twp.; and Samantha J. Cruttenden, Windham Twp.

Also, Timothy L. Daley, Clinton Twp.; Cynthia M. Daubert, Noxen Twp.; Michael J. Davis, Tunkhannock Twp.; Sandra Lee Decker, Falls Twp.; Daniel Dimeolo, Tunkhannock Twp.; Katherine Dodge, Falls Twp.; Scott Douthett, Tunkhannock Twp.; Lloyd R. Dugan Jr., Tunkhannock Twp.; Brett Dymond, Braintrim Twp.; Joan S. Ely, Monroe Twp.; Kierstyn Lynn Evans, Northmoreland Twp.; Patrick J. Fanning, Northmoreland Twp.; Donald R. Faux, Northmoreland Twp.; Adam E. Fisher, Forkston Twp.; Leo N. Flynn, Clinton Twp.; Donna L. Fralick, Clinton Twp.; Wayne A. Franko, Nicholson Twp.; Daniel J. Frost, Clinton Twp.; Marjorie Galloway. Monroe Twp.; Thomas C. George, Lemon Twp.; Rebecca Giovino, Tunkhannock Twp.; Kathy L. Greenip, Falls Twp.; and Christopher W. Gunshore, Northmoreland Twp.

Also, Adam Hall Jr., Windham Twp.; Wendy Hannah, Washington Twp.; Paul Harris, Noxen Twp.; Linda L. Harvey, Tunkhannock Twp.; Jami Hearn, Northmoreland Twp.; Kristi Hendrickson, Nicholson Twp.; Joan Hess, Factoryville Boro; Lisa Hillard, Braintrim Twp.; Ryan Richard Holdredge, Lemon Twp.; Jodi L. Hopfer, Monroe Twp.; Aaron F. Howell, Mehoopany Twp.; Chen Zhao Huang, Tunkhannock Boro; April L. Hummel, Windham Twp.; Brandon J. Iddings, Eaton Twp.; Debra M. Jadick, Eaton Twp.; William J. Jeffreys, Washington Twp.; Charles R. Jones, Clinton Twp.; Larry E. Kacyon Jr., Clinton Twp.; Brett Kelly, Lemon; Amanda Khalife, Tunkhannock Twp.; Troy Kiryluk, Nicholson Boro; Debra Kozlowski, Nicholson Twp.; Dennis R. Krug, Clinton Twp.; and Matthew Kupchunas, Lemon Twp.

Also, Ellen Lambert, Falls Twp.; Gidget A. Lawson, Mehoopany Twp.; Barbara L. Lees, Washington, Twp.; Edward Leyshon Sr., Northmoreland Twp.; Annette M. Lynch, Factoryville Boro; Kerry B. MacNair, Tunkhannock Twp.; Timothy Manahan, Braintrim Twp.; Frank Margotta, Nicholson Twp.; Rebecca L. Martino, Falls Twp.; Barbara Matylewicz, Overfield Twp.; Lisa McCarthy, Tunkhannock Twp.; Thomas James McGough, Noxen Twp.; Phillip L. McMicken, Windham Twp; Michael Nicholas Mercurio, Lemon Twp.; Theodore Migliori, Falls Twp.; Laurenda Miller, Tunkhannock Twp.; Brittney S. Mitchell, Clinton Twp.; Cody Morgan, Meshoppen Twp.; Craig Mott, Monroe Twp.; Jill M. Murley, Falls Twp.; and Kimberly Myers, Monroe Twp.

Also, Gregory S. Nepa, Nicholson Twp.; Bill Nichols, Noxen Twp.; Steven L. Norton, Nicholson Boro; Timothy P. O’Neill, Nicholson Twp.; Diane O’Malley, Tunkhannock Twp.; Marla Parente, Monroe Twp.; Cheryl A. Pasternak, Lemon; Randall Paxton, Overfield Twp.; Heather M. Phillips, Washington Twp.; Erica Polons, Exeter Twp.; Mark Powers, Tunkhannock Twp.; Patrick Prudish, Tunkhannock Twp.; Jennifer Quinn, Northmoreland Twp.; Lisa Ramey, Eaton Twp.; Suzanne L. Reposa, Overfield Twp.; Cathy Richards, Lemon Twp.; David Rinehimer, Lemon Twp.; Dustin Robinson, Exeter Twp.; John J. Ross, Overfield Twp.; Henry Rowlands, Northmoreland Twp.; and Deborah Russo, Tunkhannock Twp.

Also, Patti Salsman, Braintrim Twp. James S. Sapna, Windham Twp.; Mark J. Scango, Clinton Twp.; Ruth Ann Schoonover, Northmoreland Twp.; Andrew Scranta, Lemon Twp., Lemon Twp.; Tabitah J. Seigle, Nicholson Boro; Duane R. Seymour Jr., Clinton Twp.; Savanna Marie Shea, Tunkhannock Boro; Stephanie Sherman, Exeter Twp.; Susan Sickler, Monroe Twp.; Dana E. Simon, Clinton Twp.; Donna L. Sluck, Falls Twp.; Helen Maria D. Smith, Forkston Twp.; Scott Smith, Tunkhannock Boro; Lisa Jean Spencer, Tunkhannock Boro; Randy St. Clair, Tunkhannock Twp.; Erika H. Stanton, Nicholas Twp.; Mark S. Stegner, Eaton Twp.; Edward Stewart, Overfield Twp.; James L. Strunk, Tunkhannock Twp.; and Mary J. Swanson, Northmoreland Twp.

Also, Janice E. Taffera, Falls Twp.; David Teel, Falls; Christopher Thornton., Tunkhannock Boro; Matthew J. Toolan, Overfield Twp., Ruth Ann Traver, Windham Twp.; and Dorothy L. Truscott, Monroe Twp.; Brenda Urpack, Washington Twp.; Robin H. Vandermark, Washington Twp.; Joanna C. Vogrin, Tunkhannock Twp.; Danielle Walters, Laceyville Boro; John J. Weigand, Eaton Twp.; Paul Wengen, Overfield Twp.; Dorothy C. White, Clinton Twp.; Mark Leonard Wiernuscz, Tunkhannock Boro; Carla Rae Williams, Falls Twp.; Robert A. Williams, Lemon Twp.; Robert Blye Wilson, Mehoopany Twp.; Pamela J. Wootten, Mehoopany Twp.; William Yarasavage, Washington Twp.; George J. Yurchak IV, Falls Twp.; Melissa J. Zawicki, Nicholson Boro; and Steven Zomerfeld, Northmoreland Twp.

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