(Editor's Note: The following article appeared in the Wyoming Democrat of Tunkhannock on Oct. 18, 1918.)

Dr. S.C. Hamill, of Philadelphia, State Director of Child Hygene, has asked each County Chairman of the Child Welfare Committee make public the following procedure throughout the county regarding the present epidemic of Influenza.

1-There must be abundance of fresh air entering the homes at all times, and to protect against the lower temperatures that this will necessitate, added clothing must be worn by the children – if necessary, coats and hats.

2-Everybody should spend as much time as possible in the open air, and in the sunlight, especially children, who can do this most of the day.

3-All crowds, especially indoor crowds should be avoided.

4-All people who cough and sneeze should be avoided.

5-If members of the household develop colds, they should be separated at once from the other members of the family and kept from them until their colds are entirely cured.

6-Every member of the family should have his own drinking cup and every member his own towel.

7-All persons, especially the children, should avoid being completely tired out from overplay or too little sleep, it reduces their resistance.

8-All Children should be dressed according to the temperature of the day, not according to the season of the year.

9-All persons should sleep with the windows wide open, fresh air is as important by night as by day.

10-Everyone should cover the mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. This is most important because the germs are coughed out into the air and in that way get in the other members of the family.

11-Children with the slightest evidence of cold should not be permitted to go to school or play with others.

12-The moment anyone becomes sick or has the slightest evidence of a cold, should remembered that possibly a very serious disease is beginning and the patient must be immediately put to bed and the physician summoned as soon as possible. The doctors must be trusted. The fact that we hear chiefly of the fatal results should not discourage people. The doctors are saving many, where they are instantly summoned, and the bulk of victims get through in a few days. While it bears all the signs of influenza in its more virulent state the present epidemic is more violent than the present generations have known. The epidemic in the nineties was sweeping, but it was not as evil in its consequences. No person is immune, in spite of the best care and treatment people suffer. But if the precautions of the doctors are adhered to the well person has a better chance of escaping an attack. In the main these orders are, as in the training camps, where they have had more experience than anywhere else.

The people may also take hope in the knowledge that the scientist of the big universities and the army and navy are working unremittingly to check and cure the disease. Surgeon General Blue, of the federal public health service, is conduction experiments to determine the efficacy of vaccines. They are doing the same as the Rockefeller Institute, where are scientists unmatched.

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