20 Years Ago (2000)

Parents of students attending school at Mehoopany were upset at the school district’s tardiness in alerting them after a school bus accident last week.

Beryl James was honored with the Mary Driesbach Award for her volunteerism with the Area Agency on Aging for Luzerne and Wyoming Counties.

Seats were installed last week at the Dietrich Theatre, which is actually starting to look like a theater.

A trial in the 15-year-old murder of Joyce Harding is set to begin Oct. 23.

Tunkhannock Township is having a public forum Oct. 23 about its being in the garbage business.

Wayne and Geraldine (Allen) Johnson of Springville will mark their 50th wedding anniversary on Oct. 19.

Sara Slocum of Tunkhannock and Jesse Ergott announced their engagement. They are planning a June wedding.

Donald Carter, a dairy farmer at Falls for 35 years, who retired from St. Michael’s School, died Sunday. He was 75.

The Tunkhannock Community Ambulance Dive-Rescue received a state grant recently to purchase a Zodiac boat, motor and trailer.

Mosquitoes trapped in late August near Rivercrest in Tunkhannock Township have tested positive for the West Nile Virus. There is little danger to residents.

40 Years Ago (1980)

The proposed Tunkhannock bypass has again been turned back by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The Wyoming County Planning Commission learned that the proposed bypass is not among projects included in a draft of PennDot’s new 12-year plan.

Tunkhannock Area School District moved a step closer to a $1 million addition to the high school.

Gov. Dick Thornburgh nominated Carl Smith to fill the vacancy of Wyoming County Treasurer. The State Senate has 25 days to affirm or deny the nomination.

Gary C. Myers of Meshoppen was ordained a minister of Gospel recently in Saskatchewan where he and his wife, Janet, attended while going to Bible School. He is Pastor of the Biblical Baptist Church of Kaiserville.

Mehoopany: Stealing an American flag is a strange form of patriotism. Since the enormous 10x15 foot flag that waived over Route 87 between the United Penn Bank and the former coffee shop was purchased with Mehoopany Township funds, its theft is a theft from all of us.

Eight Cuban refugees, who were housed at a Fort Indiantown Gap refugee center, arrived at St. Michael’s School for Boys.

The Elk Lake Drama Department is gearing up for a production of ‘Mame’ on Oct. 31.

Michael Skumanick Sr. was honored on his 95th birthday Oct. 4.

60 Years Ago (1960)

A new electric computer at Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory can identify letters of the alphabet.

The value of the dollar went up considerably in the Tunkhannock area Friday. On that day, another vehicle was added to the facilities of the Tunkhannock Community Ambulance Association, making the annual membership — already a bargain at $1 each — even more valuable.

Craige Hill Springville: Brian Shields, who spent two weeks at home here, was sent to the Navy Base at Portsmouth, Virginia.

Terry and Bonnie Miner of R.D. 3, Tunkhannock, announced the birth of a daughter at Scranton on Oct. 13.

Kim Diane Sands celebrated her fourth birthday anniversary with a party at Holmes Cabin. In attendance were Debbie Davis, Janice Wintermute, Kathy Teel, Cindy Corby, Mary Ann Stroka, Betty, Barbie and Sandra Jadick, Linda Sands, Linda Keller, Kimberly Mahoning, Rhonda Pickering, Mary Ann Sands, Beth Ambrutis, and Teressa Anderson.

Paul Reimiller was named cashier of Wyoming National Bank.

Commissioners Cecil Brown, Bryan Lee and Emerson Montross accepted an invitation to meet with the Wyoming County Taxpayers’ Association.

Gov. David Lawrence will speak at the Prince Hotel on Oct. 27.

80 Years Ago (1940)

Dr. John Prevost, nephew of Mrs. D.W. Stark of Tunkhannock, is the youngest officer and physician aboard the first mobile-based hospital in the world launched off New York City on Oct. 5.

Former associate judge William Kittredge died of a heart attack Oct. 14. The first president of the Tunkhannock Rotary Club was 68.

The meeting of stockholders of the Wyoming County Fair Association at the courthouse Thursday was the third attempt of the directors to hold a meeting to decide upon dissolution or reorganization.

Rose and Grace Vargo accepted Detroit positions.

Work on the river bridge has been at a standstill for several days, while workmen were paving one-half of the approach which connects the bridge and railroad tracks.

Nicholson: Robert C. Dix, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Dix, were given a position as laboratory assistant at Franklin and Marshall College.

Legislation of the new Methodist Church has given a larger place to laymen in the life of the local church.

There is talk of raising a fund to restore the old Presbyterian Church, built in 1836, at Lynn.

Nicholson: Garford Williams, a Syracuse University student, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Williams.

100 Years Ago (1920)

The Billings Hardware Company is installing a pipeless heater in the Noxen high school building.

Orders were issued to Lehigh Valley trainmen to prevent passengers from standing in the vestibules as trains near stations. Trainmen insist, according to orders, on passengers remaining in the car proper until the train stops.

All the schools in the county are now supplied with teachers through the efforts of County Superintendent J.E. Morgan, who found it a difficult task.

An apparatus for bailing out the old gas well at Lovelton, drilled a quarter of a century ago, was taken up there Thursday.

The job of putting the iron work of the Laceyville bridge is underway, and while the bridge will probably be put in shape for foot passengers to cross this fall, it is not expected that the flooring will be laid before spring.

The Nicholson Board of Trade has petered out after a brief spurt of interest.

Oct. 3 was the second anniversary of the death of Lt. Delmar Stocker, a dentist of unusual skill who died in the Camp Hospital No. 21, AEF, of Boubon les Bains, France.

Preparations are being made for the reflooring of the old covered bridge in Monroe Township, near Noxen.

The motion picture theater of Stuart Hettig, of Noxen, was destroyed by fire yesterday morning.

120 Years Ago (1900)

Theodore Streeter, funeral director, purchased a mechanical device for lowering caskets into the grave.

Some handsome specimens of quinces were left on our table by Mrs. L.D. Smith of Eaton Twp., the latter part of the week.

The yarn mill, which has been idle several days for the lack of coal, is running again. Soft Coal is used, and it comes from the Allegheny districts.

Stull: On Saturday morning, they had quite a wreck on the Lewis Mill. A piece of slab got wedged in between the saw guides which caused the saw to run into the head blocks. It was a 66-inch inserted tooth saw, costing about $200. It broke the saw all to pieces, and the men scattered in all directions to get out of the way of flying fragments. It raised such a cloud of dust that the men could not see each other.

Ray Sherwood of Meshoppen is teaching the Russell Hill school this term.

Rough Rider hats are much affected by the young ladies these days. They are neat, substantial and not unbecoming.

The return game between Tunkhannock and Keystone Academy football teams was played on the fairgrounds Saturday, resulting in a 5-0 victory for the home team. The following composed the local team: Ed Brown, Walter Martin, Stocker, Avery, Carlin, A. Brown, Titman, Kiefer, Stark, Eggleston and Prevost.

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