An Eaton Township contractor got the bid 100 years ago to repair the roof on this covered bridge at East Lemon (where today Rt. 92 and Tunnel Hill Road meet).

20 Years Ago (2000)

According to PennDOT engineer Carla Medura, some 100,000 cubic yards of earth will be moved over the next six weeks to bring the western part of the Route 6 bypass around Tunkhannock up to its final level.

The campaign to raise money for the new Tunkhannock Public Library has topped the $1 million mark.

Claverack’s 63rd annual meeting took place Saturday at the Wysox firemen’s grounds with more than 2,500 in attendance.

Newly appointed to the Peoples Financial Services Board are Ron Kukuchka, Wilma Gay, Rick Lochen and Dan Kenia.

Rev. Marjorie Hanton, an ordained Methodist minister since 1943, died Thursday. She was 95.

Donna Brooks of Tunkhannock was named career development coordinator at College Misericordia.

Paul and Bunny (Inez) Roberts Lyne of Meshoppen marked their 50th wedding anniversary on June 22 in Alaska.

Recently installed as president of the Tunkhannock Rotary Club is Jeannie Brady, who succeeded Sandra Vidlica.

Dan Naylor of Factoryville has completed Pre-Initial Entry Training with the Pennsylvania National Guard at Fort Indiantown Gap.

The 29th reunion for descendants of Daniel and Louisa Squier is Aug. 6 at West Nicholson.

40 Years Ago (1980)

While there are fewer farms in Wyoming County, preliminary data on the 1978 Census of Agricultural, products sold by the farms has increased quite substantially.

Mrs. Mabel Bergman of Mehoopany recently celebrated her 85th birthday. She and her husband, Carl F. Bergman, operated a grocery store in the Mehoopany area for many years.

Ku Klux Klan members gathered Saturday in Windham Center, Bradford County, for a speech-making, cross-burning ceremony.

Robert Letteri, former landlord of the Colonial Trailer Park, was awarded $120,000 in county court for .86 acres in Eaton Township which the state condemned when it made way for the new Susquehanna River bridge.

Forkston: The creeks were not overflowing with water Sunday, but with people, as the temperature climbed to the middle 90s. It was reported there were 130 people in one small swimming hole.

Laceyville: What in the world is happening? shouted Mollie Smith as she noticed the storm swirling about her farm last Monday. As lightning struck, she heard a large tree snap and land on the roof of Janet and Bill Smith’s home.

The Lake Winola Cottagers Association will once again be hosting its annual Water Carnival, according to organizer Gene Schlanger.

60 Years Ago (1960)

Bobby Zona of RD5 Tunkhannock, got a surprise Saturday night when he parked his $403 electric guitar in a side room during intermission of a performance at the Trail Inn, Meshoppen. When he returned for the second half, he discovered the guitar missing. State police are investigating.

Allison ‘Bill’ F. Mosier, who has retired as fireman-laborer at the Tunkhannock Post Office, was honored at a buffet supper given by Postmaster and Mrs. G. Gaylord Bartron, at their home in Ledgecho Beach.

Six youngsters will go before the Wyoming County Juvenile Count on Thursday, charged with burglarizing five cabins in the Forkston area.

On Aug. 10, the Tunkhannock High School band will participate in a Northeastern Pennsylvania Firemen’s parade at Susquehanna.

Abbie Frazier Jayne, 83, died Tuesday at Tyler Hospital. The long-time Laceyville resident often opened her home to visiting missionaries.

Marine PFC Texas Wilson, of Susquehanna Avenue, departed San Diego, Calif., June 28 to an assignment in the Far East.

Ad: Fitzes Dept. Store – Nylon Hose. First Quality, 3 pair in a box, $1.47. Boys swim trunks, $1.59. Summer dresses $5-$7.

The 47th Annual Reunion of the Crispell Family will be at Dymond’s Grove in Noxen, Aug. 13.

80 Years Ago (1940)

When Harry Smith, of Happy Hollow Farm at Stone Crest, went out to look for a blacksnake which his wife had seen run under a log, the snake ran up one leg of his pants. He grasped it by the tail and with a firm yank the unwelcome guest was routed from its hiding place to meet a sudden death beneath Mr. Smith’s feet.

Pennsylvania has launched a campaign to eliminate objectionable billboards from scenic highways and in the vicinity of historic shrines.

A hailstorm and cyclone at LeRaysville caused damage amounting to thousands of dollars.

Henry C. Otten, 74, died in his sleep Tuesday. He was a highly respected resident of the North Branch section of Forkston.

The elm trees in town which were not sprayed are sick looking things. The foliage has been practically destroyed by the elm leaf beetles.

An Esso gas pump was installed last week at the Fairlawn store in Forkston and a concrete porch is being added to the front.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shiffer and son, Paul Jr., attended the Shiffer family reunion Sunday at Lemon.

Boys and girls attending 4-H camp at Camp Brule are Dora Franz, Falls; Shirley Robinson, Charlotte and John Jaquish, Tunkhannock; Jeanette Lange, Irene Stonier, Amber Stonier, and Louise Carey, Brookside; Louise Shefler and Louise Brown, Lemon.

100 Years Ago (1920)

Borough Council has a difficult problem on hand in caring for the surface water in such storms as Friday.

Testimony was taken yesterday in support of a new trial for Joseph Dubois, convicted of wife murder last Oct. 9.

C.H. Smead, 83, of Hartford, Mich., and uncle of Gilbert Mathewson, has been visiting here. Although a native of Wyoming County, it was the Civil War veteran’s first visit to Tunkhannock.

W.D. Sampson, foreman of Triton Hose Company for more than 25 years, has a squad of men and woman at work this week giving Triton hose house its annual cleaning.

George C. Miller, an esteemed third ward resident, passed his 90th birthday on Saturday.

The response Lehigh Valley employees are making to the suggestion of the management that it would aid them to purchase the common stock of the company on the installment plan through small deductions from the payroll, has been most gratifying to management.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Baker of Mill City are rejoicing over the arrival of a daughter on Saturday, July 17.

The Radcliffe Chautauqua of Washington, D.C., will be in Noxen this week.

A.T. O’Dell of Eaton Township has a contract for repairing the old covered wooden bridge near East Lemon.

120 Years Ago (1900)

Little Lee Howden, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Howden, living up the Turnpike, was unfortunate enough while playing about the fields two or three days ago, to come in contact with a pilot snake, or some other deadly reptile, which snapped his bare foot.

A couple of strolling musicians with bagpipes were droning out alleged music on the streets. The unusual feature was when they attempted to play songs like ‘Yankee Doodle’ and ‘Marching Through Georgia.’

Lynn is agitating the formation of a cemetery association.

Forkston possesses 30 bicycles.

Travel on the Lehigh Valley to Niagara Falls is heavy just now and almost every day a special starts at Bethlehem and runs as far as Wilkes-Barre about 20 minutes ahead of passenger train number one.

Meshoppen: A cry of fire startled our people Saturday afternoon and an excited crowd answered the call, when it was discovered A. Semons’ stone mill was on fire.

The removal of the F.K. Sitters house to its new site, recently purchased by the editors of this paper, was successfully completed by Joseph B. Welch the latter part of the week.

Paymaster Z. Wells Reynolds, who has been here on sick leave for the past three months, received orders to report at the Navy Yard at Norfolk, Va.

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