The current, seasonably cold temperatures haven’t deterred familiar local folks from their standard walking routines. Whether the weather is bright and sunny, or cold, blustery and sub-freezing, you can always count on seeing Joe Toole, Bob Sembach, Frank Gudman, and others enjoying a brisk walk along River Road in West Falls. Occasionally, the always inviting view is enhanced by the sight of large flocks of geese congregating along the west shore of the Susquehanna River before continuing on their flight south for the winter. At other times you can get a rare siting of deer in the brush as they make periodic trips to the river for a drink. This must be what the composer meant when he wrote, ‘The Best Things in Life are Free.’

Although Holly Ostopick continues to be home-bound from her recent fall, conversations with her reveal that her spirits are upbeat as she continues her convalescence.

On a positive note, Paul and Rita Williams of Pittston have been finalizing plans to relocate this spring to their newly-purchased, unimproved lot on Old State Road in Falls. We wish them much success in the progress of these plans.

Countryside Community Church members mourn the recent passing of retired United Methodist minister Lynn Snyder at her daughter’s home in Accord, N.Y.. Pastor Lynn suffered from health issues for several years, and yet her presence was always an inspiration to parishioners. Due to present limitations of the coronavirus, a memorial service will be planned in the future. To all Pastor Lynn’s friends and family, our sincere condolences.

Be on the alert! On one of his late-afternoon walks last week, my son, Scott, noticed a fish-hook dangling at eye-level along the sidewalk on the upriver side of the Susquehanna River Bridge. Scott neutralized the potential danger by removing it. His use of a flashlight would likely have prevented a serious outcome even in the darkness. Still, someone not so well-equipped or wary might have been injured in the darkness. Evil is with us!

We continue to limit greatly any traveling, to wear masks when we do, and to keep the social distance. Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the very rare attack on the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., last week, our spirits are bolstered by home projects, online course studies and daily success stories from Alexa. Hopefully, you, too, are staying the course until this is over!

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