This 1917 painting of Christy Mathewson now hangs in Factoryville Borough Hall.

Factoryville Borough Council voted last Wednesday (Nov. 11) to advertise its 2021 with no plans to raise taxes. At its monthly meeting, Borough Manager Mary Ellen Buckbee said the budget would be available for viewing to the public on Nov. 13, and be voted on at its Dec. 9 meeting.

Buckbee said that the budget is balanced, with an expected revenue of $324,229.66 and reflects expenses of $324,229.66, including police protection of $60,000. The annual Factoryville millage rate of 22.2 will not be raised and two of those mills will continue to go towards fire protection for the borough.

Council members said they were pleased with the budget and said that not raising taxes in the middle of a global pandemic is something that everyone should be proud of.

“To me, this shows that we manage our money very well,” Council President Charles Wrobel said. “You look at some other places all around, and all they do is raise taxes, because they don’t manage their money properly. Everyone who lives in this borough should be proud.”

Council Vice President Bill Edwards cautioned residents that just because taxes haven’t been recently raised, it doesn’t mean that the cost of some things doesn’t go up.

“Our goal is never to raise taxes,” Edwards said. “We have been lucky enough to not have to, but we also have to remember that costs do go up, and if we ever need to, we just want to raise taxes by a little more than have a giant raise like you see in some cities.”

Council members also noted they have been receiving some complaints about dogs barking during the middle of the night on Highland Avenue, and complaints about people not cleaning up after their dogs on borough sidewalks.

Factoryville solicitor Paul Litwin said that no special type of dog ordinance would have to be created because barking dogs are already covered under the noise ordinance.

Edwards said he knows the people with the dogs, and will reach out to them about cleaning up after them.

Mayor Gary Evans brought up that maintenance manager Jim Gesek recently did some clearing of leaves, ditches, and trees at Christy Mathewson Park, and he is currently preparing the property for the winter. He also noted that some erosion has been taking place close to the Trolley Trail and that it will be taken care of before the winter time.

Evans also showed the council a painting of Christy Mathewson that had been recently sent to his office from an auction in Allentown. The painting had a date of 1917 on the back and is currently hanging in the main hall of the borough building.

Factoryville Borough Council’s next meeting is Wednesday, Dec. 9,

at 6:30 p.m. at the borough building.

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