Factoryville Borough officials have appointed Elena O’Connor to fill a vacant council seat.

O’Connor will be sworn in during Factoryville Borough Council’s July meeting and finish out the unexpired term of Ward 2’s Sadie Rozenburg, who is moving out of the state.

Council met in person on June 10, with borough manager Mary Ellen Buckbee and a few members of the public joining via Zoom, including O’Connor.

“I’m excited to get started,” she said.

Council members also discussed the status of two annual events in the borough, Christy Mathewson Day in August and the Factoryville Christmas Market in December.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Christy Mathewson Day won’t go on this year.

Council members agreed that it’s best not to hold the event for safety reasons. They consulted Lou Jasikoff who coordinates the event and said he agreed.

“The way the virus is going, even if it starts to improve by the time we go to do meetings and everything, it’s going to be falling behind,” said council president Charles Wrobel.

Jasikoff confirmed the cancellation, but couldn’t make it to the council meeting because of a death in his family.

The Christmas Market is still on for now because there’s several months left to make a decision.

“Our thought was, we would try to plan it, but not invest a lot of money that cannot be returned if we decide that it’s not worth it once we get closer,” Rozenburg said.

Council members agreed to set September as the deadline to make a decision about the event and also consult vendors in the meantime to hear their thoughts about it.

Before the meeting, council held a brief hearing regarding a proposed amendment to the borough’s zoning ordinance, which was later adopted.

The amendment originally stemmed from an issue regarding signage at the Keystone Commons.

Solicitor Paul Litwin said the amendment changes rules for signage in commercial spaces, such as allowable types, sizes and numbers of signs.

He also proposed an additional change to the borough’s rental ordinance for landlords who rent to Section 8-eligible tenants, which council plans to move forward.

Since Section 8 rental units already require an inspection, Litwin said the amendment would allow landlords who already underwent a Section 8 inspection to bypass the borough inspection required in the ordinance.

Council also adopted a usage agreement for the borough hall, though the building remains closed to the public.

Adoption of the same usage agreement for Christy Mathewson Park was tabled, as council members were hesitant about the requirement for renters to have insurance.

Rozenburg said the Creekside Park Board, which is a joint effort with Clinton Township, had the same concern.

Council also approved the following:

  • The appointment of Joy Yunko to serve on the Factoryville Planning Commission, which won’t become official until another member who has stated his intention to step down formally resigns.
  • Raising the hourly pay for backup maintenance workers from $10 to $12.
  • The transfer of $6,000 to Creekside Park and $2,000 to the Factoryville Shade Tree Commission.
  • A lease with the Factoryville Library within the borough hall.

Factoryville Borough Council is scheduled to meet again on July 8 at 6:30 p.m.

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