The COVID-19 pandemic has been a struggle for most businesses, having to deal with restrictions, and sometimes even just having to close completely. There are some businesses, however, where the show must go on.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Nicholson is a business that has actually seen a close to 10 percent increase this year compared to the same time period last year, according to Enterprise Nicholson Branch Manager, Allie Albright.

“Even though we are in a pandemic, we still have to speak with all of our accounts weekly, and provide services to people who need them,” Albright said. “Business people who have been traveling need to be able to get around and that doesn’t stop.”

The current Enterprise location opened in Nicholson in 2018 to be accessible in a more central location in Wyoming County after previously being in Tunkhannock.

Albright said that this particular location also receives a lot of business from the Montrose area, and is easily accessible in both Wyoming and Susquehanna counties.

In an area with a lot of rural communities, motor vehicles are a necessity to get around. Enterprise is also contracted with all of the major insurance companies, including Allstate, Geico, Progressive and many others to make the renting experience better for the customer.

“Living in a rural community, one of the things that happens a lot is cars hitting deer in the roadway, which can cause a car to become undriveable,” Albright said. “We are around to help those people. When someone gives us a call if they’ve been in an accident and need a car to get around, we can drive the car to that location. It has happened many times in the county.”

One of the businesses that works closely with Enterprise is Mile Hill Body Shop in Tunkhannock. The repair shop is contracted with Enterprise, so whenever someone’s car has had an accident and is need of major repairs, the customer is not left without transportation.

“We could be using as many as five-to-six cars at a time from Enterprise when customers’ cars are getting repaired,” Mile Hill Body Shop spokeswoman Francine Kanyok said. “They are one of our biggest business partners.”

Kanyok said that the two companies have a very good working relationship, and that the customers have always been satisfied with Enterprise’s rental vehicles.

“Enterprise is one of our biggest helps,” Kanyok said. “They are always right there whenever a customer needs a vehicle. When we call, they have the car to us within the hour. They provide very superb service.”

Although business is still strong, COVID-19 has caused some challenges for the car rental company. The local office has operated with fewer employees, but faced a need to increase the cleaning and maintenance of its vehicles.

Enterprise created the ‘clean car program’ in April to satisfy these needs.

“Enterprise created this program and increased the pay of our auto detailers because we know that maintenance is so important,” Albright said. “Everything needs to be sanitized to perfection, and the customers have been very appreciative of the increased measures that have been taken.”

When a car is returned from a rental, every part of the vehicle that may have been touched is thoroughly sanitized before it is put back in the lot. Areas that have been cleaned are even marked by special stickers, so the person can see what parts have been cleaned.

“We know people are being extra cautious of everything, and that includes vehicles that don’t belong to them,” Albright said. “Our goal is to make the experience as safe and enjoyable for the customer as possible.”

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, located at 237 Savage Road, just south of Nicholson is open Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If someone needs to rent a car, they can place a reservation online at, search locations and look for Nicholson, or they can call 570-836-6058.

Rental car services are available 24/7 by calling 855-266-9289.

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