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During their meeting on Thursday, August 15, Elk Lake School Board members received an update on the current state of the district’s energy project, among other business.

Reporting on the progress of the school’s energy project was Nick Sracic, an account executive from Johnson Controls who has worked with Elk Lake throughout the process.

According to Sracic, “much work has been done since construction began on the school in April, including replacing the lighting, installing digital controls, and preparing the new boiler plant in the elementary.” The boilers in the elementary building will now heat the entire campus, eliminating the need for unnecessary boilers in the high school. Sracic continued by saying that new ventilators will be installed within two weeks, and that the school will be completely operational by the first day of school on September 2.

The instillation of the ventilators will complete the work at Elk Lake until the natural gas line is prepared to be installed later this year. Elk Lake will run on propane until the transition to natural gas is made. The transition to natural gas represents the largest component of Elk Lake’s energy savings plan.

Earlier this summer the board indicated that the school would be running on natural gas by January, but, on Thursday, Superintendent Kenneth Cuomo indicated that the gas line may at least be installed earlier this fall. According to Cuomo, “the engineers are developing plans on how to hook the school up to natural gas, and would like to have the system installed before the ground freezes.”

Cuomo went on to thank all the workers and supervisors, and to thank Elk Lake’s maintenance staff for their hard work throughout the project.

During the curriculum section of the meeting the board heard principal’s reports from high school principal Brian Mallery and elementary school principal Marc Weisgold.

Mallery reported the school plans on working with faculty to implement new “Student Learning Objectives,” the goal of which will be to better teach informational texts and establish grade level standards for writing a paper. Elk Lake will eliminate a day off in March that was originally reserved for Senior Project Scoring. Elk Lake will now score Senior Projects on select Wednesdays throughout the year. Finally, Mallery announced that Elk Lake will be replacing its “Edline” Program (online program used for reporting grades) with a new program called “Parent and Student Portal,” which will give students and parents access to, among other things, the student’s grades, schedule, and disciplinary records.

Weisgold announced that elementary Curriculum / Meet the Teacher night will be September 11 at 6 p.m. Seventh Grade orientation will be on August 28.

The board voted to approve Mark Fenton for the 12-month position of technology specialist at $45,000. The board also voted to approve the sale of bus 15 to Jeff and Cindy Noble, and to approve Jeff and Cindy Noble to drive bus 15 this year.

Other hires included Ryan Berry for the positon of Band Front, Carol Selwood for the positions of Varsity Field Hockey Coach and Junior High Assistant Track & Field Coach, and Ashley Keefe for the position of Junior High Assistant Field Hockey Coach.

Board Member Eric Emmerich made the motion to accept Mike Rezykowski’s bid of $3,150 on a woods model rear-discharge mower, and Jim Cimino’s bid of $550 for a scanner. Board Member Harold Bender seconded the motion.

The board approved project payment of $1,329,336.05 to JCI for work related to their energy project, and $7,875 to Hiltz Propane for the temporary propane system that will run the school until the natural gas line is prepared.

Elk Lake paid monthly bills totaling $17,234.97.

The Board accepted with regret the resignation of Junior High Field Hockey Coach Carol Selwood, and Speech Pathologist Lisa Staros.

During the SCCTC board meeting it was announced that LPN coordinator Sherrie Bazin will be stepping down.

Board member Jack Sible made the motion to appoint Rebecca Drost as interim LPN coordinator until a replacement can be found, and to post the position. Board Member Donica McGee seconded the motion.

Cuomo congratulated Bazin for the laudable job she did running the LPN program, and assured everyone present that the search for a new LPN coordinator will not interrupt the program or impact any projected graduation dates for program participants.

SCCTC hopes to have hired a new coordinator by September 10.