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The Eaton Township supervisors gave a brief update about the Aldi grocery store set to come to the township at their meeting last Tuesday (Nov. 5) on Election Night.

The supervisors said they have not heard any immediate updates about the store, which the company eventually plans to build in the old Walmart parking lot.

Roadmaster Paul Rowker said he spoke with Aldi’s engineer on the project, who told him the company is looking towards spring of 2020 to get started.

“They did buy the property and it’s coming,” Rowker said.

The supervisors also plan to review the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court case Reed v. Town of Gilbert, which addressed when municipalities could restrict content on public signage. If necessary, they will amend Eaton Township’s sign ordinance to be in compliance with the court ruling.

Rowker said the township planned on redoing its sign ordinance anyway, and the supervisors solicited feedback from local businesses.

Since Eaton partners with Monroe Township, they together will amend multiple ordinances at once to save money.

“We’re getting that finalized. We’re getting closer and closer,” Rowker said.

The supervisors opened sealed bids for a township truck listed for sale, ultimately accepting bid of $15,005 from an individual in Sweet Valley.

They also reviewed a compliance audit report for the Firemen’s Relief Association. It was reported that the association was $614 out of compliance for the purchase of uniform patches, gloves and a bell cap for parades.

The supervisors agreed that it was likely an “honest mistake” on the part of the association.

“I’m not going to hold back money for that reason,” said supervisor Abe Kukuchka.

In the visitors and public comment period, resident Lori Bennett, who serves as director of the Wyoming County Special Needs Association, updated the supervisors on the status of Eaton Township’s homeless residents.

Bennett said she has contacted the local authorities to be on the lookout for one individual who has not been seen for a few weeks. Another individual in the area has gotten housing and a job, she added.

Bennett said she is only aware of two homeless individuals in Eaton Township at this time.

The Eaton Township supervisors are scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, Dec. 3 at 7 p.m. The 2020 budget will be advertised for passage at next month’s meeting.