Wyoming County Commissioners announced Tuesday that a drive-thru COVID-19 testing center will be coming to Wyoming County.

Commissioner Tom Henry was absent from Tuesday’s meeting.

The drive-thru center, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, will be at the Wyoming County 911 center at 3880 Route 6 in Tunkhannock.

It will be open from Thursday, Dec. 10, through Monday, Dec. 14, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Up to 450 tests will be given per day. Anyone looking for a test is encouraged to enter the parking lot from Sunnyside Road, and exit out Route 6. The testing center is open to anyone that would like to get a COVID-19 test, and reason will not be asked.

With the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Wyoming County, resident Marguerite Fallon asked if there were any other places to get tested before the testing site opened.

Commissioner Rick Wilbur said that CVS Pharmacy does testing, but you have to register for before showing up. Tyler Memorial Hospital in Tunkhannock also conducts COVID-19 testing but only for individuals who are showing symptoms, and have a doctor’s order.

The commissioners announced that PennDOT will put a temporary traffic light and one lane traffic with no need for a 29-mile detour for bridge repairs in Falls Township near St. Michael’s School for expected construction next summer that had persons upset.

Wilbur thanked Rep. Karen Boback, R-Harveys Lake, and Sen. Lisa Baker, R-Lehman Twp., for their help, and said that “business owners from that area are going to be very pleased with the outcome, as the possible 29-mile detour proposed could have put a real damper on businesses and travelers.”

The 2021 Wyoming County budget should be completed by the end of this week, with commissioners expected to complete it by Dec. 9 as they must advertise it for 20 days before voting. Wilbur said once again that there will be no tax increases on county residents.

“We know that this has been a tough year on everyone in the area,” Wilbur said. “We promise there will be no tax increases next year.”

Commissioners recently met with Senior Health Care and gave them a letter of support about possibly bringing another care home to Wyoming County. The new care home would bring a new cardiac center and Alzheimer’s unit to Tunkhannock Borough. The new facility is still in the planning stages.

Some of the county’s redevelopment files have recently been moved to the courthouse. Redevelopment has now been completely transferred from the Housing Authority to Trehab, which reports directly to the commissioners.

“The redevelopment authority is not going to be discontinued,” Commissioner Ernie King said. “It will still continue to provide the services that are provided. The Trehab files will just be moved into the courthouse so we have better access.”

Commissioners recently met with representatives from Keystone College about scholarships for students looking to continue their education locally. The sides will continue to meet in the coming weeks about bond guarantees and reductions in tuition for students who live in Wyoming County and attend Keystone.

The new county website is up and running at www.wycopa.org. Commissioners say that changes will continue to be made and that most business that has to be done at the courthouse will soon be able to be done online. Getting the website up and running was a top priority as the courthouse currently remains closed to the public.

Commissioners will also place bids on existing Core Network equipment to continue to upgrade the technology at the courthouse. Those bids will take place in early 2021.

Commissioners congratulated Sherriff’s Deputy Miller for completing the state training six weeks early by going to training six days a week rather than the traditional five days a week.

Wyoming County Commissioners will hold their next meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 8. The Zoom link for the public will be posted on the website before the meeting.

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