Real Estate

Delaney Trust, Russell E. Delaney Trustee, Patricia Delaney Trustee, to Benjamin James Collins, Christine Fleming, property in Overfield Township, for $465,000.

Roger J. Sonius, to James Mackin, property in Nicholson Township, for $65,500.

J&E Realty LLC., to 132 Davenport Street LLC., property in Nicholson Borough, for $35,000.

Lacey Mosher, to Lorie Gowin, property in Laceyville Borough, for $142,000.

Ashley Marie Dickinson, to Bradley J. Castrogiovanni, Celese Castrogiovanni, property in Factoryville Borough, for $149,000.

Carol Henry, to Keith Parmer, Kathy Parmer, property in Falls Township, for $180,000.

Frank Pinkerton, Valerie Pinkerton, to James William Gietler Jr., property in Northmoreland Township, for $315,000.

Antoinette Reimiller, Laura Lee Sickler AIF, Laura Lee Maxson AIF, to Robert W. Deacon, property in Tunkhannock Township, for $168,500.

Richard W. Truesdale, to Benjamin Criss, property in Falls Township, for $184,000.

Jonathan D. O’Connell, Alexandria O’Connell, to Seanna Oliver, property in Monroe Township, for $141,000.

Nicole Butler, to Nicole Butler, Michael J. Mully Jr., property in Noxen Township, for $107,787.

Mark Anderson, to Robert S. Harris Trustee, Ann C. Harris Trustee, Harris Trust, property in Tunkhannock Township, for $22,500.

Ulysses G. Carpenter Jr., Mischelle A. Carpenter, to Cameron J. Brown, property in Eaton Township, for $168,000.

Richard S. Watt, to Richard S. Watt, Rhonda S. Watt, property in Windham Township, for $1.

Anthony C. Donnora Jr., to Antony C. Donnora, property in Forkston Township, for $1.

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