Ruth Stover Trustee, Mary Ellen Stover Trust, to David Stover, property in Exeter Township, for $70,000.

Eugene R. Walker, Philomena Walker, to Frank Gola, Pamela Gola, property in Eaton Township, for $18,000.

John J. Belcher, Amanda L. Belcher, John J. Belcher POA, to Robert C. Fitch Jr., Carol A. Fitch, property in Tunkhannock Borough. For $265,000.Jeffrey P. Gardner, Brenda J. Gardner, to Bryan McDonald, property in Washington Township, for $282, 900.

John Naughton to Stephen Kanyuck, Patricia Kanyuck, property in Tunkhannock Township, for, $242,000.

John A. Bonner Jr., Laurel Matson Bonner, Laurel Matson Bobber, to Robert E. Proudley, Carrie A. Proudley, property in Windham Township, for $168,000.

Howard B. Heise, Deborah A. Heise, to Evelyn Mary Baltrusaitis, property in Tunkhannock Borough for $137,800.

James W. Foreman to Phillip Valvano, property in Overfield Township, for $15,000.

Timothy Griffin to Brenda Race, property in Northmoreland Township, for $69,900.

Wyoming County Sheriff, Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, Kim Shepherd, Lizbeth Tedesco, Laurie Shepherd, James Shepherd, Joseph Shepherd, Unknown Heirs, and Gary J. Shepherd, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB Trustee, RMF Buyout Acquisition Trust, property in Clinton Township, for $4,209.63.

Paul M. Brown, Karen L. Brown, to Alison L. Splendido, property in North Branch Township for $1.

Robin Howe Lunsford to Robin Howe Lunsford, Jeffrey J. Lunsford, property in Lemon Township, for $1.

Catherine Mitchell to Sandra Mitchell Trustee, Catherine Mitchell Trustee, Sandra Mitchell Trust, Catherine Mitchell Trust, property in Tunkhannock Borough, for $1.

Catherine Mitchell, Sandra Mitchell, to Sandra Mitchell Trustee, Catherine Mitchell Trustee, Sandra Mitchell Trust, Catherine Mitchell Trust, property in Monroe Township, Tunkhannock Borough, and Tunkhannock Township, for $1.

Wyoming County Sheriff, Christopher G. Bereznak, Community Bank, First Liberty Bank & Trust, Grange National Bank, to BC Land Holdings LLC, property I Tunkhannock Township, for $23,853.70.

George A. Hegedty to George A. Hegedty, Carole L. Hegedty, property in Clinton Township for $1.


Scott Allan Frederici, of Tunkhannock, to Rebecca Ellen Held, of Tunkhannock.

Corey Francis Sidorek, of Monroe Township, to LeAnn Marie Tinna, of Tunkhannock.

Carl Joseph Weber Jr. of Tunkhannock to Taylor Marie Davis, of Tunkhannock.

Brandon Mark Smith, of Factoryville, to Kellie Ann Grigalunas, of Factortyville.

Tyler Nathaniel Husted, of Nicholson, to Ciarra Nicole Stacknick, of Nicholson.

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