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Prior to the start of World War II, World War I was referred to as “the war to end all wars.” Few could fathom the idea of a second war, let alone one of a greater extent in both severity and time.

Nobody could predict a war of such brutality, and even if they could, they would be viewed as irrational.

In modern day, if you are to ask someone if there will be another war, their responses will likely be along the lines of “That’s crazy!” or “There will never be another war, especially after WW II.”

If there was to be another war, how would it start?

The ultimate initiation for WW II was Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

Throughout Hitler’s campaign for leadership, he accumulated a following that he eventually manipulated into conducting mass murder upon the Jewish race.

Not only did he have adult followers, but children as well. After producing propaganda and organizing youth camps, Hitler brainwashed young minds into idolizing him.

In doing so, he ensured that he would remain popular once the adult generations had passed.

A group that reflects this type of following in present day is ISIS.

Schools in the Middle East have been caught exposing their students to weapons, war symbols, and pro-ISIS ideologies.

With no concept or understanding of the outside world, these children grow up to become soldiers for the radical group. From this, parents live in fear of their children and are unable to do anything about it.

The teachers of these pro-ISIS schools have no say in their curriculum either — even those against the group must infiltrate the students’ minds or else they could lose their job.

As the years go on, more of society denies WW II. If we do this, our children will be raised not knowing of one of the most important issues in our world’s history, and they will know no better than to idolize and follow, unable to separate the forms of brainwashing.

If another war does happen, nobody will see it coming and it would likely be through a terrorist attack, potentially more or as severe as the incidents of 9/11.

Keep your children informed on manipulative tactics and take caution in who you look up to, for they could be untrustworthy.


Ava Kidd is a student at Tunkhannock Area High School. This story originally appeared in The Citizens’ Voice.