Jennifer Sayles of Virginia paid a visit to her loved one this weekend, but not allowed to speak to her.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health confirmed Monday in its statistics on cases in long-term care facilities, that positive cases of COVID-19 continue to mount at The Gardens in Tunkhannock with at least four deaths attributed to the virus.

Lynn Harvey of Nicholson, who had been a caregiver and friend of Gladys Hanyon, who died at the Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Wilkes-Barre after being transported there from The Gardens on Wednesday, Nov. 5, said it was “heartbreaking” to see individuals’ lives end this way.

But, rather than be critical of The Gardens, she said, “I am impressed that they were able to keep the residents there safe and free of the virus as long as they did” from the time of the first lockdown in March until the initial positive case was reported there on Oct. 22.

She noted The Gardens had some incredibly caring staff that put their lives at risk and are “heroes.”

Jennifer Sayles, formerly of Tunkhannock but now living in Virginia, recently tried to visit the home at the end of Virginia Drive to see a loved one, but was disappointed she couldn’t make contact.

She said when she visited last weekend, “The facility indicated that they had one portable phone that they pass around for folks to use and it was unavailable at that time.”

The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported in its statistics Tuesday that there were 60 COVID-19 positive cases among residents, with 20 among staff employees, and four deaths.

Its case count on Nov. 4 reflected a current census on that date of 88 residents for a facility that has 124 beds. There were 52 positive cases, 1-4 deaths, and 24 positive staff (which includes traveling nurses as well as full and part-time staff)

On Oct. 22, when the first case was reported at The Gardens, there were 101 cases in Wyoming County, at the time of The Gardens’ first case.

As of Monday that number had increased to 247 (with 40 of them probable) and 12 deaths. The number of negative tests in Wyoming County since March has been 3,705.


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